Monday, September 9, 2013

Pre-Order Hot Toys Tonto Sixth Scale Figure! (The Lone Ranger)

The Lone Ranger is one of those movies that... well... OK, much like many of you, I didn't even see it (sorry Disney!). But I probably WILL see it eventually, and I am at least a fan of the design work (if you're at all aware of my photography with our very own Courtney, then there'll be a project soon that will expand upon this). But most of all, I love Hot Toys, so when they have something significant and new out then I think it's only fair that we give it a look-see.

This time it's that crazy chameleon Johnny Depp playing yet another pale-faced eccentric! Yes, I'm talkin' 'bout the Lone Ranger's Native American BFF, Tonto!

If that's all I had to say then you can pre-order him from our friends at Sideshow right here: 
Hot Toys - Disney - The Lone Ranger Tonto Disney Sixth Scale Figure

Or if you're just here to lollygag, you can join me for images and insight... after the jump!

OK, I don't really have any insight on this. I was just being alliterative back there. But we can at least look at the pretty pictures. Here he is in all his quirky A-List glory...

I will reiterate that I enjoy this design. It doesn't feel like they've skimped on the costume because he has so many intricate decorations dangling from him, but I do also like the bare arms as it means that you can actually pose him. Pose him hurling his frigging tomahawk...

He looks pretty intense...

And here he is holding an accessory that I'm sure plays a very important part in the film I haven't seen.

You know I think this might actually be Hot Toys first male figure with rooted hair like a doll. And it's a smart choice. It looks pretty great in this instance - I can't imagine how they would have done it otherwise. Plus you could always customise him into a Tommy Wiseau. OH HAI, RANGER!

Love the bird on the head too. What kind of animal would you like to wear on your head? I wouldn't mind a lobster that bellowed, "IT'S A TRAP!" every time I made a bad decision.

Great texture and paint work there too. Very identifiable as Depp even under layers of make-up.

And finally this is what you're getting...

No word on a figure of Armie Hammer's titular Lone Ranger yet but I can't imagine that a reveal will be too far away. Anyone making a play for this one?

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