Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5...er...3!!

Hey Folks! 

Well, our last New Comic Book Day (May 29th, 2013) was on the 5th Wednesday in the month of May, and thus didn't fit the regular comic release schedule!  DC's still got our back though...once again they released a handful of Annuals and whatnot to keep us from leaving our Local Comic Book Shop disappointed!  Not as many comics to choose from as normal, but enough to tide me over...and here's my 3 favourite of the bunch!

Earth 2 Annual #1 - "Crazy, dirty and just plain wrong.  So why do I like it here so much?"

Since it's right there on the cover, there's no point burying the lead...there's a NEW Batman on Earth 2!  We don't know who he is, where he comes from or what if any ties he has to the original, now deceased Earth 2 Batman but we do quickly learn one thing!  He is NOT kidding around!  Does this new Batman's brutality know any bounds?  Stay tuned!

Aside from Batman, we also get to see more of Captain Atom and learn of another meta-human "wonder" in service to the World Army...Captain Steel (the World Army reaaaallly likes Captains)!   Captain Steel is only teased a little in this issue and thus we know nothing much about him, but the seeds are planted, and the next regular issue will certainly reveal more.  As a matter of fact, there are lots of little tidbits of information about various characters and plot-lines contained in this annual that will certainly become important in the near future.  The plot is thickening fast, and all of our various "wonders", be they hero, villain or other, will soon be colliding!

Did I mention...NEW BATMAN!!!! 

See my other 2 picks for the week after the JUMP!!  Hint...one is NOT an Annual!

Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1 - "For the last time...GET YOUR WEIRD ROBOTS OFF ME, ROY!"

We've been waiting for a long time and finally in the Outlaws' first annual, Arsenal confronts Green Arrow!  About half the issue consists of flashbacks into Roy and Oliver's shared past, shedding light on both of our arrow-wielding crime-fighters!  We learn a lot about their relationship and subsequent falling out in the New 52!   It's about time!

Incidentally, Green Arrow comes to the Outlaw's secret island hide-out to try and warn them of a HUGE price on their heads, but instead ends up leading an assassin right to them.  Classic Ollie...  This isn't just any assassin, either...our heroes must face off against highly-skilled and enigmatic meta-human Cheshire!  Meanwhile, Red Hood still has amnesia due to his memories being removed by the all-caste last issue, and is thus little help with either Cheshire or Green Arrow.  Not great news for our three misfit heroes, but good for us!  Very entertaining!

Justice League of America #4 - "You know what they say about the cat.  Curiosity and all that."

Geoff Johns writes and Brett Booth guest-pencils this month as the JLA continues to investigate the alleged "Secret Society" of super-villains!  You may recall Steve Trevor's plan to use Catwoman as a plant to infiltrate this society, since no-one yet knows of her affiliation with the JLA.  Well, Catwoman got into the society's headquarters, and now her much-less-subtle teammates have arrived on location, tracking her, just in time to fight a giant robot Sasquatch!  All of this could be VERY bad news for poor Selina...

Oh even Stargirl came along on the mission this time!  She stowed away for the trip by riding the back of the JLA's new "invisible jet" (yes, they get an invisible jet).  Since Stargirl's only supposed to be a pretty face to represent the JLA and is not actually allowed to go on missions, Amanda Waller is definitely going to be upset!  Not that she's ever in a GOOD mood, anyway...

We also get a cool back-up story about Martian Manhunter that explains why he is vulnerable to fire!  It's great to learn more about this enigmatic character, as he's a real mystery in the New 52 and deserves deeper characterization.  Good issue!

Well, that's it, short and sweet!  Maybe I should cut down to 3 issues every week...although on a regular week that would make my choice all the more agonizing...I already have trouble choosing just 5!  We'll see...Summer is Coming! (I believe that is the motto of the much less popular but far more cheerful House Sunnnydays of Westeros...) 

AHEM....In the meantime, tomorrow is a brand new New Comic Book Day!!!  That means new Action Comics, Green Arrow, Detective Comics and more!  Oh and KICK ASS 3 #1 is supposed to be out, as well! (Not DC but hey...as long as we're in the store!)

Like any good Canadian, I continue to talk about Hockey this week at Stryder's Dementia!  This time I explain my interest in the game!  Take a look, ya hoser!

Ok that's it! June is here and it's a lovely day...go outside!!  Peace!!

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