Thursday, December 24, 2015

StarWTF!? Episode 53: Lumpy (The 2015 StarWTF!? Holiday Special)

While The rest of the country celebrates the new Star Wars film, we here at StarWTF!? know that's there's something more important about this time of year. That's right, it's time to cuddle up by the fire and remember that the Star Wars Holiday Special exists. And boy, do we have a big one this year. He's tiny, he's hairy, he's... Lumpy? Yes, the true stand out star of the Star Wars holiday special makes his premiere on our show! We discuss everything from his humble origins to his insane future! Is Lumpy Chewbacca's son? What is his real name exactly? Why is he so darned terrifying? Find out all this and more as we dig into the lumpy carpet that is Lumpy.

It should be noted that before you begin this episode, that this was recorded before we saw The Force Awakens. So, any predictions and guesses that we say are likely false. Please feel free to make fun of us if we manage to say some guess that turned out hilariously wrong.

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Lumpawaroo, also known as Waroo, was a Wookiee male who emerged from the shadow of his famous father Chewbacca to become a brave, talented, and powerful warrior within the Rwookrrorrocommunity on the planet Kashyyyk. Born Lumpawarrump in 1 BBYand known as Lumpy throughout his youth, he was raised by his mother Mallatobuck and his grandfather Attichitcuk while Chewbacca served a life debt to and traveled the galaxy with the Human smuggler Han Solo

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Book Was Better Episode 150: Annual Novelization Challenge - Elf Man!

It's that time of year! Welcome to the annual Book Was Better Novelization Challenge! The tables have turned when WE write the novelization instead of making fun of it! The hard-working Tim the Stats Man has gifted us a transcript of 2012's obscure movie Elf Man (starring Wee Man from Jackass!) and a team of us have banded together Exquisite Corpse style to adapt it into our very own, original festive novelization! Unlike our regular episodes this one is a full audio book (running a whopping 2 1/2 hours!) and featuring: Jessica, Lizzy Unpronounceable, Courtney Coulson, Suzanne, Jacinta, Paris and work from Hector Weenis, Kenney, and Zach! By far our biggest episode ever and what better way to celebrate our 150th!

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

FPcast for December 21 2015: The Force Awakens!

This week we share our impassioned review of the biggest movie of the year: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We talk about some other stuff too, but STARWARZZZZZ!!!!1

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