Saturday, July 6, 2013

Supanova 2013: Weta Wonderland

It's been a week since Supanova, and we can only imagine you're pining for it as much as we are. Luckily, we have one last Supanova-inspired post to tide you over until, well, this time next year I guess. We all totally fell in love with the folk of Weta (or 'Wita' to the locals) and their incredibly impressive stall, so let's head below the cut to have a bit more of a look at some of the wares they had on show.

Haven't already seen a million pictures of Gollum on Instagram? GREAT. Have another one.

Revelation Day 2: Blood Money

You may have the misconception that independent film isn't as fun or exciting as your mainstream blockbusters. The three films I saw yesterday on day 2 of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival completely blows that ludicrous idea out of the water. 

Join me after the jump for reviews of quirky comedy Pictures of Superheroes, Korean crime thriller Pieta and the amazing dark comedy Cheap Thrills.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Night Movie Reviews

As always on the first Friday of the month, it's time for our bite-sized Friday Night Movie Reviews. We've got four reviews for you this month, and to say they are an eclectic mix would be an understatement. There's a Brit classic, a Ferrell funny, a monkey romp, and a monkey turd (oops, spoilers). Join us below the cut to see what we've been watching this month.

The Revelation Film Festival is Here to Consume Your life for 10 Days

The 16th Annual Revelation Perth International Film Festival officially opened last night to the thrill of lovers of the independent film scene. The festival is bigger and better this year with over 50 films, documentaries and shorts coming our way spread across three wonderful venues.

Having out grown their old home at The Astor Theatre the festival is now taking over Luna Leederville, Luna Fremantle and Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge. While I'll miss the convenience of having just the one venue, spreading it across a few places gives it a real festival feel. Plus there's a plethora of amazing food around their main hub in Leederville.

This festival has consumed my existence for ten days the last few years. It's great to immerse yourself in independent film and see the world through some very talented film maker's lenses. I love going in blind to a film and seeing something you'd never typically see. Confronting documentaries, live score performances, mind boggling experimental films, hilarious shorts and late night horror flicks are amongst the delights you can catch.

I was lucky enough to attend the Program Launch last month and Opening Night last night so I've seen two fantastic films already; Icelandic survival film The Deep and Burn, a documentary about the embattled firefighters of Detroit.

Join me after the jump for my thoughts on both!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Continued Adventures of Perth's Mightiest Heroes

After all the excitement of the Avengers landing in Perth the other week, you may think it's finally blown over and it's safe to roam our streets once again. You're wrong, dead wrong in fact.

Avengers #15 by scribes Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer and master artist Stefano Caselli hit the stands yesterday and our fair city is the central setting once again. That's right, Cap, Thor and the rest of the gang are still having a super hero smack down out in St George's Terrace. You may want to watch out for flying Mjolnirs when you're on your morning commute into the CBD tomorrow.

Hit the jump for my recap of the continued adventures of Perth's Mightiest Heroes! (See what I did there?)

Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 2

In terms of first weeks in the Big Brother House, this one's been a doozy both on and off the regularly televised show. We have alliances everywhere, showmances galore, Hitler appreciation, garden-variety racism - when they say "expect the unexpected," they weren't kidding.

Some notes:

* Big Brother is moving to a format where evictions will happen on Thursdays beginning next week. Thus, Power Rankings going forward will be on Fridays.

* This week's Head of Household competition went over the allotted broadcast time. In weeks like that, I will be checking spoiler sites to find out who won in order to project the week.

So for some details on the week and more, let's take a look behind the jump:

Thursday Threesome: Independence Day Edition

Today is the Fourth of July in the United States, where we celebrate our independence from the British Monarchy through copious amounts of booze, burgers, and blowing things up. For our Thursday Threesome this week, I figured I'd share three off-center things that celebrate America in our own stupid, unique way.

Our Epic Interview With Voice Actor Rob Paulsen: Pinky and the Brain! Ninja Turtles! Animaniacs! Spaceballs! And More!

Rob Paulsen is a legend. His voice has appeared in nearly 400 productions, spanning just about every franchise you can think of. You may have grown up with him as Raphael in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pinky in Pinky and the Brain, Yakko Warner in Animaniacs, or perhaps you’ve heard him recently as The Riddler in the Lego Batman games, Donatello in the current incarnation of Turtles, or even popping up in The Dark Knight Returns. You may even be aware of his wildly successful podcast, Talkin’ Toons, in which Rob frequently chats with the world’s most influential voice actors.

Rob will be appearing at this weekend’s Oz Comic Con Melbourne (July 6th and 7th despite what I say on the recording) and although we won’t be able to get there, we were able to submit a host of questions to Rob, resulting in the epic interview that you’re about to hear. Seriously, this thing is almost like a podcast in itself, running at around 35 minutes, so make yourself comfortable, or download it and listen to it while you go. Rob offers up plenty of honest insights, funny stories, and gives us a taste of some of our favourite characters. You really don’t want to miss this - I promise it’s one of the coolest things we’ve ever done on the site!

I’ll explain it all, and you’ll hear directly from the mad genius that is Rob Paulsen, by clicking the link below...

Cold Teaser Trailer

If you have been following the recent Supanova coverage on Fruitless Pursuits of the Merlin Knights, you will have read that Eoin Macken (who play Sir Gwaine on Merlin) wrote and directed an indie film set to debut at Galway next week.

The film also stars Macken and his fellow Merlin co-star Tom Hopper (Sir Percival) and the teaser trailer has just been released.

Follow me under the jump for a little more about the film.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Supanova: Comic Guests Recap

Supanova is a great place to be for a comics fan. While the majority of folk are losing their minds for a glimpse of Karl Urban or spending all day in a queue to get Carrie Fisher to scribble on something I was getting a lot of time talking to legends of the comics world. They may get a little less attention than the stars of film and TV over the weekend but this just means dedicated fans like me have less queueing and much more one on one time with our heroes.

In a little change from previous years, the bigger comics guests weren't down in Artist's Alley but rather up in the main hall with the other big guests. There was much more room to breathe and they got equal standing with the Urbans, Fishers Tudyks of the con. Although I think Tom Taylor wasn't a huge fan of the change. Every time I saw him he was itching to be down on the floor with the people (and he did escape a few times down to the Gestalt booth).

So join me after the jump for a recap of of my time spent at the tables and in the seminars of comics pros George Perez, Chris Claremont, Mark Brooks, Tom Taylor and Alex Saviuk.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Weasley Twins at Supanova Perth 2013!

To round out some of the Supastar panel coverage for the week I have a post on Harry Potter's Weasley Twins as played by Oliver and James Phelps, who wowed the crowds all weekend long at Supanova Perth 2013.

While we'd prefer that these photos weren't reposted elsewhere, we're realistic enough to know that a request like that is largely going to be ignored. So to meet everyone halfway, we only ask for a link back to this post, and for our watermark to not be removed. We've covered this event so that everyone who wasn't here got to see what happened, so we like to think that since we're doing the right thing by you guys, you'll return the favour.
Follow me under the cut for a few stories told by these dapper young gentlemen.

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

Happy Canada Day or Independence Day or just, you know, July - depending on where you live!  Today we look at my top 5 comics released June 26th, including a very anticipated new #1:

NEW!! Batman/Superman #1 - "My dad always warned me about Gotham City..."

The first issue of a brand new series set in the past of the New 52, Batman/Superman #1 explores the very first meeting of both Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent and of Batman and Superman!  It may not be their very FIRST first meeting ever (even in the New 52, they didn't seem to know each other in Justice League #1) but it's a well written and beautifully drawn new version of it!  Story by the highly acclaimed Greg Pak and art by two excellent artists, Jae Lee and Ben Oliver!

Jae Lee is a very stylized and atypical comic book artist, but one whose drawings are amazingly well done!  His Batman and Superman are awesome to look at, and his Catwoman is quite cool too!  Ben Oliver, while less experimental, is also an excellent artist and the switch between the two styles makes sense, story-wise (there may be some dimension hopping involved).  Oh, and the story is intriguing too...I can't wait to see what happens next!  Good characterization and some very cool establishing moments.  Well Done! 

Of course lots of other comics were out this week.  We'll look at another 4 after the JUMP!

Perth Supanova 2013: Interview with Greg Cipes! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Clone Wars! Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll!

Greg Cipes is a total rock star. He's Michelangelo in the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, and has a wealth of credits both as a voice and on the screen. Getting the chance to interview him at Supanova was such a thrill because from the moment he walks in you can tell he's the coolest guy in the room (even though there was just two of us). Greg has a wonderful warm, energy, is extremely funny, and I wish we had a photo from the event because he was the best dressed person at the entire convention. He looked awesome! And I'm especially intrigued by the future projects he hints at.

Many thanks to Greg for letting me hold him up so long! I was so fascinated by what he was saying, and so comfortable chatting, that I completely lost track of what else was going on. Listen for yourself, and you will instantly become one of Greg's disCIPESles. (Sorry)...

Click here to stream audio (or right-click to save!)

Perth Supanova 2013: Interview with Clare Kramer! Buffy! GeekNation! Helicopters!

Can you folks believe that at this weekend's Supanova expo in Perth, I actually got to sit with and interview Buffy the Vampire God Clare Kramer, also known for her role in Bring it On, AND she runs GeekNation  a far better pop culture site than this one!

Clare could not have been friendlier or more welcoming, so before we lose you to her fantastic site, please listen to our very special interview...

Click here to stream audio (or right-click to save!)

Avenging on the Radio

So I'm not one to shamelessly self promote.. well, alright, maybe I am. 

A couple of weeks ago a local journalist (Jillian McHugh) was doing a piece on Supanova in Perth and the type of people who go along to the event. A friend put me in touch with her and this great (and slightly embarrassing) interview with me was posted. Honestly I expected a line or two, not a full article. Still, it was pretty fantastic to get some attention.

Move along to this last week where I posted about the recent Avengers issue set in Perth. This caught Jill's eye too and she brought me back for another article. After waiting on some legal dealings with Marvel it was finally posted this morning. Hooray, look at me go!

Then I got two phone calls from local radio stations wanting me for a couple of on air interviews. After almost fainting I agreed. I had a quick chat with 720 ABC about the Avengers in Perth issue and a good five minutes with 6PR about myself, the hobby and Supanova among other things.

I thought you guys may like to check it out so here's the links:

Click to download.

Both are audio files hosted on my Dropbox, so don't worry about any nasties.

Can I just say the thing about hating your own voice when you hear it played back is spot on? Jebus...

The Book Was Better Podcast Episode 49: The Adventures of Milo and Otis (with guest host Mike Taylor!)

The Book Was Better is the podcast where a guest and myself read a (generally) crappy tie-in movie novelization (sometimes intended for children) and then stupidly and heartlessly pull it apart.

This week I'm joined by my old friend and former podcast pal Mike Taylor - who has recorded from a beachside hobo shack somewhere in the wilds of that great land America! Listen as we two buddies go on a rollicking adventure with the 38 page epic: The Adventures of Milo and Otis! When Mike and I get together we are silly and immature and we apologise. Get your pug on!

You can download it from the official site, or why not just subscribe to us on iTunes? A Japanese filmmaker throws a cat off a cliff every time you don't! And if you're a new friend from Supanova, give us a shout out!

Supanova Perth 2013: Fruitless Purs-loots!

There is nothing quite like the thrill of stepping through the doors of a convention on the morning of it's first day, knowing that you are entering a gigantic nerd shopping mall where there are a million different ways to spend your cash. Want autographs? Sure. Photos? No problem. Commissions? Come right this way. Statues? Comics? Tshirts? Cat ears in a thousand different colours? You're covered, no matter what you're after.

We here at Fruitless Pursuits are in no way immune to any of this, so please join us under the cut to see a few of our favourite things that we ended up with after Supanova Perth this weekend.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Merlin Knights at Supanova Perth 2013

I promised you all a comprehensive review of all the happenings of the Merlin Knight's this year at Perth Supanova and here it is! Featuring Bradley James, Rupert Young, Eoin Macken and Tom Hopper and including panel reviews, photographs, the Harlem Shake and some candid stories.

It's been a long haul and a good time and I think these guys really brought some good stories and fun; so join me under the cut for the adventures of Knights on Tour.

Please note: While we'd prefer that these photos weren't reposted elsewhere, we're realistic enough to know that a request like that is largely going to be ignored. So to meet everyone halfway, we only ask for a link back to this post, and for our watermark to not be removed. We've covered this event so that everyone who wasn't here got to see what happened, so we like to think that since we're doing the right thing by you guys, you'll return the favour.

Thanks; now for the good stuff!

Supanova 2013: Day 2 Review

Weary as we were we all trundled off early for day two of Supanova Perth 2013! What a day it was, going from long lines and singing spidermen all the way through to an en masse Harlem Shake with the cast of Merlin.

Follow me under the jump for my day two convention coverage.

Book Review: Turbulence by Samit Basu

I've only read a handful of novels that involve superheroes in their typical comic booky form. While both Now I Shall Be Invincible and After the Golden Age were good, they both missed that sense of wonder and excitement that you get from seeing the fights illustrated on a page or watching a villain lay waste to a city as an artist intended. Samit Basu, who comes from a comics background as well as a history of writing for both adults and children, gives an entry regarding superheroes in India published by Titan Books this week, and not only should it be the frontrunner in terms of superhero prose going forward, but it might just be a dark horse candidate for genre novel of the year.

Perth Supanova 2013: Interview with Lauren Tom! Futurama, Bad Santa and More!

Now here's the really exciting part! Thanks to the team at Supanova I had the opportunity to speak to the extremely talented, bubbly and delightful Lauren Tom! We all know her as Amy Wong in the long-running (then halting, then running again) hit Futurama, but I most adore her as Lois in my favourite Christmas movie of all time, Bad Santa, where she was super determined to get that loofer!

But enough of my gushing and rambling! You can listen to me gush and ramble directly to Lauren by clicking below... (and I still don't know what you have to do to get into that Joy Luck Club!)

Click here to stream audio (or right-click to save!)

Perth Supanova 2013 Round Up: The A to Z of Supanova!

So pop culture expo, Perth Supanova 2013, was a rollicking success that we still haven't quite recovered from. It's an overwhelming amount of craziness to cover, so - seeing as how we're one of the few semi-literate sites left on the 'net - we're going to start by getting all fancy... and do an A to Z of some of our highlights from the weekend. Jacinta and I took a hell of a lot of photos, so from Ariel to Zombies we have you covered...

Full images and commentary after the jump! Hopefully it will tide you over until our more in-depth coverage and supastar celebrity interviews start landing very soon. 

ONWARD! There's something here for everyone...

Supanova 2013: Day 1 Review

Wow. The weekend is over and what a weekend it was. Supanova 2013 brought us knights, princesses, space ship crews and wizards. There were cosplayers galore and a generous amount of new-con-goers thrown into the mix.

Follow me below the jump for my day one play-by-play, full of pictures, stories and more.