Saturday, October 8, 2011

Project Runway Recaps: S09 E11

This week's episode was a return to "high fashion" and you know what that means: ridiculous outfits. Thank goodness! There was a nutty theme, lots of pressure, stressful surprises and one meltdown in the bathroom. Yay!

Nightmares Fear Factory

There's nothing funnier than seeing a human fear train

Here we go ladies!

Clone Wars Recap S4 E05: Mercy Mission

Star Wars, you guys! How lucky are we to live in an age where brand new Star Wars is greedily shovelled down our throats on a weekly basis. It's 1977 all over again, except with smaller pants and less body hair!

This week it's Mercy Mission, starring R2D2, C3PO - two plucky droids with conflicting body shapes who alternate wildly between love and hate. Will one of them finally succeed in killing the other? Join me after the jump and we'll surely find out! (Spoilers!)

Dog is AT-AT.

For you boundless pagans in North America, Halloween is just around the corner, leering through a pumpkin, so the ingenious Katie Mello of Portland Animation studio Laika House has been building an intricate costume for her dog. One that is pretty close to our hearts...

It really drives home the fact that I've got a lazy cat sitting here who, with the right body modifications (not all of them surgical or completely permanent) could be converted into a pretty convincing and comical ewok. All it would take is imagination, hard work, and a circular saw. Here kitty!

What are you dressing yourself/children/pets up as for Halloween, and how would your costume fare at the Battle of Hoth?

Rocktober mixtape: Grug

Here's my Rocktober Mixtape! I went with a silly theme (I went with songs with animals in the titles) - I needed something to whittle down the bands I would want to include. Even still, I went a little on the long side. But it's all fun stuff! Give it a listen! Let me know what you think!

AAAARRRR!! Dreadfleet! Let's Unbox Some Pirate Booty!

Avast ye, dirty dogs and set sail for Dreadfleet - a massive, table-top miniatures war-game that makes everybody who mentions it instinctively talk like a pirate. And I know very little about it, but now I own it. How did this come to pass? Well listen up, me hearties and I'll tell ye a tale...

In the course of my library work I ended up with the newest issue of Warhammer creator Games Workshop's White Dwarf magazine on my desk. Now, I've never owned any of the products or played any of their games, but when I saw a bounty of glossy images showcasing twisted fantasy pirate vessels waging battles on a turbulent sea - strewn with wrecks, pirate coves, and skeletal sea monsters - I must admit that the little Jack Sparrow inside of me started to swagger. Look at this!...

So imagine my delighted surprise when I realised that every item that was pictured (plus a LOT more) could be purchased in one big box!

That night I dreamt about Dreadfleet. The next morning my co-workers said, "How are you this morning?" and I said, "Dreadfleet." And then that evening I bought...

DREADFLEET. Let's unbox this monster and feast our eyes on the treasures within...

Rocktober Gallery Day #8

Jebediah. Pt Walter Reserve. 2005.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Metal on a Motorcycle

Russia is full of awesome. Be it hit 90's songs like Berzerker, wrestlers fighting bears in the woods and/or streets of Moscow, and insane amount of alcohol consumed in a single sitting. Russia has no limits. And they love metal. But sometimes they have to drive to work so they can't always enjoy it. Until now


Now you can drive to work and have a live concert riding next to you.

Friday Night Movie Review 7

We might have missed this last week, but by crikey did we make up for it this week. We collectively watched movies until our eyes bled, all so that you can make better entertainment choices thanks to our insightful mini movie reviews.

To learn about what we've been enduring this week, join us after this ominous jump!

Thank Gif It's Friday

The Most Depressing Thing You'll See Today: Zack Morris' Giant Cell Phone

Riddle me this, Dear Reader. What is more depressing? Seeing the evolution of Zack Morris' giant clunky cell phone from Saved by the Bell and feeling old, ridiculous and embarrassed for your youth, OR watching Zack actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar evolve from cutesy kid to lumbering awkward teen? Both will have you thinking about your fragile mortality and both are clearly on show in the following montage:

Still not depressed enough? Watch it again while remembering that Jar-Jar-Binksing nerd idiot Screech actor Dustin Diamond went on to star in a creepy sex tape. And you thought that George Lucas raped your childhood? Well, compared to this guy, he merely watched from the bushes!


Rocktober Gallery Day #7

Stereophonics. Metropolis Fremantle. 2008.

Bublé's Russian Unicorn

Sometimes you find something on the internet that is such GENIUS that you can't believe it's not as big a meme as LOLCats, Charlie the Unicorn and, well, the entire of Tumblr. This is one of those things.

The BadLipReading YouTube account has a fairly simple premise. Take some footage (most commonly a music video) and 'reinterpret' the lyrics to form a (relatively) coherent song while still matching the audio with the lip movements. Not sure what I'm on about? Check out this re-do of Michael Buble's 'I Just Haven't Met You Yet'.

Freakin' genius. And, ever the good sport, Michael Buble thinks so too. Head below the cut for his response, and a couple of my other favourite BLR videos.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New video from Marian Call: Dear Mr. Darcy

The whole concept of "Rocktober" that we've got running around here is something that's kinda foreign to me. You see, I tend to have five or six bands that I REALLY like, and then some stuff that I don't mind, and people tend to not give a crap about any of the stuff I like. So the idea that I should be telling people about music that I like is just weird.

Having said that, however, there is a new video that I wanted to point people towards. It's from a great musician named Marian Call who I first heard about recently, and now can't get enough of. I mentioned her new cd release Something Fierce, which is available on her site on the most recent episode of the podcast and this video is a song from that release called "Dear Mr. Darcy" and done with the help of the webseries Awkward Embraces. It's a great song, a great video, and I hope you enjoy!

Amazing Custom Lego Minifigures on Flickr

Every few months, I end up on flickr browsing custom Lego minifigures. And each time I am amazed by the possibilities that people have came up with. If you search you'll find custom characters from almost every popular Film/TV/Comic/etc franchise. Some figures are made up of existing Lego parts, and others have custom molded accessories, stickers, or even hand painted pieces. It's all very awesome and inspiring.

Here's a batch of the goodies. Lego, if you're reading... take note.

by tomleech

More after the jump.

Drinks with the X Men

This may have existed for a while now, but I just found it. Watch it, bub.

Pac Man: The Musical

Pilot Recap: Guy on a Buffalo.

We've mentioned before that we love it when you submit fun stuff. Here's the greatest thing I've seen today and it was submitted by our good friend Tim (who might just be joining our little team here very soon) (WINK!). It's been a depressing day, thanks to sad news about a certain Apple icon... So buck up, Champ! Wipe away those tears! And enjoy the first sensational episode of Guy on a Buffalo!

Man! I hope that gets picked up!

And don't forget, if you want to be as awesome as Tim, then you should make us aware of all the fun stuff we are totally oblivious to by emailing us at!

I Need a $4,000 Sub Atomic Ray Gun from Weta

Weta studios, the crazy Kiwi bastard geniuses who brought Gollum to life in a lab, also make highly stylish but dangerous ray guns. Unfortunately they're not allowed to sell the originals (they use them to disintegrate problem sheep) but they will make you up an incredibly tight and realistic replica for your own steampunk adventuring.

Their latest model is the fashionably red Pomson 6000 Sub Atomic Ray Gun and it will cost you a cool $3,990 plus an additional hundred or so to have it shipped to my house. It's as stunning as you would expect and, in fact, it looks a lot like this...

Yes, it's expensive, but you have to admit that it's incredibly well-made and awesome. Plus they throw in a lovely wife.

I would describe the gun further, but not only are those talented maniacs at Weta incredibly good with their beautiful hands, but they are also far more gifted wordsmiths than I am. This is what they say about the gun's capabilities:
"Blasting out rapid-succession pulses of cross-spectrum electromagnetic radiation, the Pomson has been shown to dissolve an Egyptian pyramid in four archeologically educational weeks or one of the smaller, slightly crappier Mayan ones in just under a fortnight. Imagine what it could do to that big ugly Mars face! On a more practical level, however, the Pomson has proven to be a highly flexible yet powerful firearm and purchasers are sure to wake up each morning with morning wood at the mere thought of owning one. That could also be a tumourous growth caused by unshielded radiation, but you can't sue us for that because it's in the contract. Sod off."
Well played, Weta, well played. (You'll find more of such writings in their brilliant Dr.Grodbort books). But better yet, go to their site and purchase one of this handsome weapons. Preferably for me.

Recap: America's Next Top Model Season 17, Episode 4

The march towards total cultural collapse continues this week on America's Next Top Model: All Stars. This week the models have to do something all models need to be good at. No, not marrying rock stars, acting!

Rocktober Gallery Day #6

Children Collide. Capitol. 2009.

WoW Grammar Troll

Via Dorkly

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Thoughts on Steve Jobs

I know J mentioned it earlier, but this being a pop culture-type site, and this likely being one of the biggest stories for people who read that kind of thing over the next few weeks, I thought I'd use the spot for a little free therapy and ramble a little.

I have an apology to make to the internet. You see, I killed Steve Jobs. Okay, not really…but I have to admit that when I heard the news, for just a brief second, that thought did cross my mind. You see, I took a day off of work today. Cleaned my apartment, did laundry, bought groceries, picked up a couple movies and a cd, and grabbed and read this week’s new release comics. All in all, a really good day. I was writing up a thing about the comics for here on Fruitless Pursuits when I took a break to check my Twitter. And that’s when I read the news that Steve Jobs had died. It’s weird, how the first thing people think of when they hear of someone’s death is how it affects their own lives. It’s human nature I guess, but it makes me feel guilty nonetheless.

Gotta poop 'em all!

A few days ago we had Ren and Stimpy's John K doing his own take on The Simpsons. Today we have Pen Ward and Natasha Allegri of the amazing Adventure Time (my favourite cartoon at the moment) with a short Pokemon fan cartoon titled "Pikapew Poop Chu". It's as fun and silly as you'd expect and also has many farts!

RIP Steve Jobs...

Hug your computer a little tighter tonight.


Superman's Dad Russell Crowe is a Super Bogan.

As an Australian I couldn't possibly be any prouder. Russell Crowe (okay, technically he was born in New Zealand but we'll claim him when he's being awesome and reject him when he's throwing mobile phones at people) (unless of course he is throwing them at robbers, ghosts, or Nazis) is playing Jor-El, Superman's dad in Zack Synder's upcoming Man of Steel and Aint It Cool News has some early shots of him in costume...

I absolutely love that Russ isn't going to a let a poncey cape and dress stop him from being a filthy-haired, scruffy-bearded, chain-smoking, presumably heavy-drinking, Australian icon. I'm trusting that what we're seeing here is actually a victorious post-coital cigarette to celebrate the super sperm that seeded Kal-El.

 I love Rusty's look here, but I can't say that I blame the other Kryptonian scientists for not believing him when he burst into their Krypton Science Meeting, with a flagon of lager, and a cig in his gob, shouting, "Oi! Listen up, youse blokes! Krypton is fucked!"

Cheers, Russ! You're a bloody legend!

Rocktober Gallery Day #5

Florence & The Machine. Laneway Festival. 2010.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pilot Recap: Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is a show about puns! A cute HEART surgeon named HART has to go live in Alabama which is called DIXIE because of something something slavery. It's adorable!

Oh wait, it's totally puke-worthy. My mistake!

What's Out? Week of the 5th of Rocktober.

Your comic shop has most probably gotten a new shipment. What can you expect? That's what I am here to tell you. Let's take a look right now:

Vadrum Destroys NES Classics With His Unbelievable Skills With His Skins

Vadrum is an Italian genius who plays the drums. His videos have been around for a while, but nothing says a ROCKTOBER WedNESday better than Vadrum killing the songs from Super Mario Bros 2 on his epic drum set..

Now, Super Mario Bros 2. may be the redheaded stepchild of the Mario universe, but I feel very strongly that Koji Kondo delivered some of the best music of the entire series. But somehow Vadrum still improved on it.

If you can only spare 30 seconds today, skip forward to 2:05. Holy shit.

If you're into it, here are some more of his videos.

Now I'm Prune Tracy! Take that Dick F- !

The Library of American Comics blog is running a competition from 63 years ago.

Back then, Dick Tracy was a huge success. Drawing many readers and spawning many imitators, so the Chicago Tribune's publisher, Col Robert R. McCormick, had Chester Gould (creator of Dick Tracy) to create a mystery in comic form called 'The Black Bag Mystery' and offered $25,000 in prizes.

Felicia Day plus Dragon Age Equals Tron for Girls.

What would happen if geek poster girl Felicia Day was sucked into a fantasy role-playing videogame? Would we be sucked in too? Or would it just suck? Is Felicia Day's appearance in Dragon Age 2 kind of like Tron for girls? And is her chest as hairy as Jeff Bridges? None of these questions will be answered in the following trailer for Dragon Age Redemption, which showcases clips from the upcoming live-action web series, as well as a few shots at the end from the future DLC where you get to play as (or alongside?) a virtual Felicia Day!

If you listened to our first Fruitless Pursuitscast then you may have already heard some angst from one of our contributors about mixing Felicia Day all up in our Dragon Age. I enjoy her as a personality, and like her comedy, but sorry, Felicia, I just don't buy you as a serious action hero - especially after suffering through the interminable and awkward Red: Werewolf Hunter. This looks to be more of a LARP with doods in the woods than Game of Thrones. But I've been wrong before. In 1993.

What do you guys think?

NBC Takes First Blood

The first of the many terrible series that debuted this season has been canceled - NBC's attempted Mad Men clone, but on a network that won't show boobs, The Playboy Club has got the axe, only three episodes in.

From most reports, a mercy killing, though our own Jacinta enjoyed the pilot well enough.

Meanwhile, NBC also ordered full seasons uncharacteristically early (perhaps to balance the fact that new NBC president, Bob Greenblatt, has committed to giving shows a chance to find their feet, and then canceled a show after only three episodes) of two of their new sitcoms.

Whitney, the most boring, generic and old fashioned sitcom, in what has become a golden time for sitcoms. A laugh-tracked, unfunny, tired string of vagina jokes. We struggled to get halfway through the pilot. I wondered how a show like this gets made, and then my wife reminded me how popular Two and a Half Men still was.

And, more agreeably, Up All Night, the show that makes you say - 'Thank goodness Will Arnett is in something good again.' Actually, this show (also only three episodes in) is already finding its feet. It's one of my favourite new shows of this season so far.

John Kricfalusi Pwns Simpsons Couch Gag!

Twisted genius, master animator, and creator of Ren and Stimpy, John Kricfalusi, just got to remind everybody how insanely awesome he is by animating the latest couch gag on The Simpsons. And The Simpsons people showed how awesome they are by letting him. And if you're feeling left out, then you can prove how awesome you are by watching it right here, thanks to an awesome youtube uploader that I was awesome enough to link to...

Wow! Marge is like four soccer balls in a tube dress!

Can I please, please, please urge you to check out John Kricfalusi's blog? He knows more about animation than you or I know about wasting time on the Internet, and his blog is a cartoon cornucopia of animation discussion, history and instruction, as well as a virtual museum of rare pop culture treasures. If the above animation isn't enough to remind you, John K is a living legend who is more than deserving of our complete respect and admiration. Let's all think really hard about hugging him in the hopes that he suddenly and inexplicably feels really weird.

Rocktober Mix: Jacinta

It's time for the Rocktober mixtapes! Yaaaay! Twice a week you will be treated to tasty aural treats served up by our talented Fruitless Pursuers. Anyone who knows me knows that most of my music collection could be classed as 'Guilty Pleasure', so I'm kicking things off with ten of my most favourite and guiltiest pleasures.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Rocktober Gallery Day #4

Lamb of God. Metro City. 2009.

Han Solo Salt & Vinegar: Odd Combinations of Star Wars and Food

While walking aimlessly through Wal-Mart, I started to realize that I was seeing Star Wars everywhere I looked. The new Blu-ray promotion has gone way beyond just the films. The action figure aisle was pretty beefed up (same old stuff though?) as well as the Lego aisle. But what really caught my eye was this...

If the combination of Star Wars and Pringles isn't weird enough (although they are two things that I love very, very much) look closer at the Pringles character (??) on each can.

Glorious Bounty book 3 page 6!

Another week, another page of Glorious Bounty: The Convoluted Killbots!

You can either jump to the site and start this book from the beginning (or read the previous books), or, if you're up to date, click the below image to make it bigger.

Or go on ignoring our attempts to make you love us.

Rocktober/Under the Man-croscope: Rock Lords!

How about a post that slides perfectly into (guffaw) both our ROCKtober coverage AND my continuing series Under the Man-croscope where I critique childhood treasures with cynical adult eyes. Talk about killing two bastard chirping birds with one stone. STONE! HA! It's like a rock, which is exactly what I'm here to talk about. Oh yeah! I'm talkin' bout' ROCK LORDS.

You remember Go-Bots, right? The poor man's Transformers? Led by the shittily monikered Leader-1 and Cy-Kill? Well, in 1986, after a large run of toys, manufacturer Tonka said (actual quote): "You know what, you guys? I bet those damn hyper kids are absolutely sick of robots that transform into awesome shit like fighter jets and Lamborghinis. What about robots that transform into rocks? Kids are fascinated by rocks. They love them. They love throwing them at my car."

Join me after the jump for more robot/rock action!

Kickstart the Week: Love and Robots - A Rock Opera Double LP by Jimmy Magoo

For week two of our new feature Kickstart the Week, we have Jimmy Magoo's rock opera double album, Love and Robots.

Click below to visit and pledge to help Love and Robots on Kickstarter!!

Love and Robots is a 90 minute, double vinyl rock opera about love and robots that is going to be recorded and Released by Jimmy Magoo and his full band. It's inspired by writers such as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur Clarke, Philip K. Dick and Ursula Le Guin, as well as The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rush and The Who.

The songs have been written and performed live as part of a 2010 stage show, but a full quality recording has never been completed. With the help of Kickstarter, this is now a possibility.

Jimmy also recorded an exclusive song to go along with this article. It was recorded quickly by himself in Garageband on his iPad (awesome!) to give everyone a sample of the music style and feel of the project.

Clcik to stream. Right click to download
(click through the jump for more info, photos, and a full interview with creator Jimmy Magoo)

Rocktober Gallery Day #3

Wolfmother. Fremantle. 2007.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Replica Gears of War Lancer Made Entirely Out of Lego Makes You Feel Useless.

There's no shortage of astounding and time-consuming creative endeavours being showcased on the Internet, but every so often one will come along and make me pause. When I saw this one, my jaw left a dent in the floor. We've already seen the commercially available life-size lancer replica rifle from gruff,  boombox-titty game Gears of War, but this guy's gone a step further and built his own custom version completely out of Lego!

So think about what you've accomplished in the last couple of months and shudder in impotent shame and insignificance when the following video makes all of your creations look like poorly painted macaroni necklaces. You are a mere child in this video's presence and have been selfishly taking up precious potential building space.

And if you're thinking, "How can this Lego lancer video possibly hold my attention for eight minutes" then wait until he starts taking it apart to show you the intricate mechanisms inside! I actually fainted:

As a side note, I never did buy that replica lancer because you had to special order, and I could only justify such a ludicrous purchase if it was an idiot impulse buy. But I must admit I asked about it. Has anyone got one?


Top Model Hosts' Sci-Fi Similarities.

In the most recent Fruitless Pursuitscast we had a hearty discussion about the vast differences, both in tone and character, between America's Next Top Model and Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model. One similarity that stood out, however, was that the two hosts: Tyra Banks and (Australian) Elle McPherson, both seemed to be rapidly morphing into rival science fiction characters! Now, I wouldn't make such wild, unsubstantiated claims without providing some proof, so I've whipped up these recent pictures of the two hosts contrasted against the science fiction counterparts. Something's going on here! You tell me!

Tyra Banks host of America's Next Top Model:

Elle McPherson, host of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model:

Mind-boggling, right?

Fruitless Pursuitscast - Episode Three

The Fruitless Pursuitscast is back! In our third podcast, Luke, Wickliff and Suzanne discuss the biggest topics of the week. Maybe not the biggest topics of your week, but definitely the biggest topics of our week.

There was a lot of intense DC discussion, mostly Superman and Firestorm.. and interesting comparisons of the international versions of America's Next Top Model.

Topics dicsussed:
-DC Reboot
-Clone Wars
-Star Trek Next Generation
-America's Next Top Model All Stars
-Jonathan Coulton
-They Might Be Gials
-Famous Missions on Kickstarter

You can subscribe on iTunes or just use the link below:

Click to stream. Right click to download.
Fruitless Pursuitscast Episode 3

Metal Mondays: Cadaver Dave

Artist Jac Poole has just posted the first few pages of her comic Cadaver Dave up at CADAVERDAVE.COM. If you're into metal, zombies or just great art be sure to check it out.

And seeing as it's Metal Monday today, here's a few pieces Jac had done for bands and gigs over the years:

Mitch Hurwitz Promises a Fourth Season of Arrested Development?! COME ON!

The long promised (but seemingly never likely to actually happen) movie is still promised, but Mitch is ALSO promising a short fourth season. 'Nine or ten episodes,' with the first episode already mapped out:

The first episode, he said, could focus on Buster Bluth, the deeply neurotic brother played by Tony Hale. “The latest joke we have,” Mr. Hurwitz said, “is that it’s Cambridge, Mass., and there’s all these scientists in lab coats and they’re waiting for somebody. Buster comes through the door in a white lab coat — ‘Let’s begin’ — and they say, ‘Oh, no, you don’t get to wear the lab coat. We’re experimenting on you.’ ”

Though the creative team is 100% on board, though, they still don't actually have a network or studio behind these promises, so it could still be Hurwitz being a tease...

Via the New York Times.

Weekly Re-Crap - Week ending October 2nd

    The week has ended, and so have the first issues of the DC Reboot! I'm sure you already knew that, but if not.. we posted about it almost exclusively this week!
       Awww.. just kidding. We also had a bunch of TV pilot recaps and started ROCKTOBER! Click through the jump for everything sorted by topic.

      Rocktober Gallery Day #2

      John Mayer. Fremantle. 2007.