Friday, April 13, 2012

F**k Garfield's Gigantic Feet!

I saw something today and I have to say something about it. Because if you see something terrible and you don't say something about, if you're a passive bystander and you don't speak up or intervene, then that suggests that you condone the behaviour. I saw a picture of Garfield today and it really upset me.

If you had to describe Garfield in one word you'd probably say "unfunny". But if you were goaded into caring enough to produce a second word, then you'd probably say "fat". He's a fat cat, right? I have a fat cat. I can relate to that. That's why he's so (inexplicably) popular. But look at this image of Garfield from 2012:


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Thank GIF it's Friday

Sure, it's Starwarsy, I know, but it's ALSO Neesony, which I can most certainly get behind.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lonely Wolf

This is a short new film by me about a Lonely Wolf

Ogre Dwarfs The Competition On Kickstarter

Steve Jackson Games (you may know him as the creator of Munchkin) launched a monster of a Kickstarter campaign yesterday for the reprint of their 35 year old robot tank wargame, Ogre. It's a massive game in both physical size and popularity, and in less than one day, it's breaking all kinds of records on Kickstarter.

So.... will Ogre become the Double Fine Adventure of board games on Kickstarter? It really already has. It launched about 17 hours ago, and has already done the following:

-Received 502 backers
-Passed it's goal of $20,000
-Passed it's first stretch goal of $40,000 (unlocking the "build your own Ogres" crafty fun)
-Made it's way into the top 10 highest funded board game kickstarter projects, ever.
-Currently sitting at $68,199

...and did I mention that the game is $100, and will not ship outside of the US? There is a lot going against this game, but it seems to be going just fine.

For those who haven't played Ogre, click through the jump for a little history on the game. And for everyone else, here's a question. Place your bets now. How high do you think this will go on Kickstarter? I'm going to guess $238,033.

Divergent is Dystopia Done Right

Divergent surprised me. It's gotten a pretty decent amount of buzz as of late, and with the sequel imminent, I decided to finally pick it up - I didn't have high expectations, because I'm so, so tired of dystopia at this point, but what can you do, right? Thankfully, this book takes the best parts of the dystopian trend, leaves the rest out, and offers up a very strong first book.

The concept works - teens, when they come of age, choose to join one of a handful of "factions" based on personality traits. The problem? Tris doesn't fit well into any of the specific factions - she's Divergent, and that's frowned upon in this world. The story follows Tris as she decides to join the Dauntless faction and learns a bit about what the broader plan is.

The book doesn't bog itself down too too much in the politics and societal stuff that a lot of dystopian fiction does. The book cares a lot less about setting and more about tossing out a fast-paced story. It's very Hunger Games-esque in that regard - we know what we need to know about the broader society, and the details are, as it currently stands, left up to us. It means some questionable mystery setup at times, but it works in the context of this specific plot.

If the book has any flaws, it's that it does not read very much at the age level. It is a very quick read for a nearly-400 page young adult novel, and that's not a bad thing. It works because it has to, and it does work, but those looking for a more immersive experience might be left a little cold.

My assumption is that this will be a trilogy. I'm already anxiously awaiting book two, and I'm very interested to see if Veronica Roth is able to keep things going this well. So far, she's off to a good start.

Supergroups Game

I don't know what Minigroup is at all but they have a cool little flash time waster game on their site. Put all the pixel characters into their correct group. There are 50 groups in all, most of them very easy but some unexpected ones were unrecognisable until they were leftovers.

Click here to check it out.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Katniss Barbie - yep, really

This is somewhat of a surprise to me. Obviously The Hunger Games has done all kinds of crazy things to previous box office records, and logic says there'd be a certain degree of merchandising - leaning to the more teenage/adult spectrum, surely - and thus I was NOT expecting a Katniss Barbie. Not in a million years.

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Celebrity Apprentice Recaps: Episode Eight!: Guess Who's Back!?

Just when you think you know what’s going on, Celebrity Apprentice manages to pull the rug out from under us again. And then it positions said rug precariously on top of Donald Trump’s gigantic head.

If you’ve been following the ongoing tantrums and tension then you may be shocked (but probably not) this week as titans collide, tears are shed, voices are raised, profanity is bleeped, and a redheaded menace rises from the dead.

Join me after the jump where I’ll reveal all...

375 NES Illustrations By Campbell Whyte!

Campbell Whyte's fantastic daily 8-Bit Dreams illustration series has hit the one year mark. In one year he illustrated the first 375 Nintendo games (there were 799 total) in tiny, wonderful detail. And to celebrate, he took a much needed break, but also compiled this video of every single piece of artwork from the series so far.

Check out this video for 4 minutes of awesome retro gaming goodness.

8 Bit Dreams from Campbell Whyte on Vimeo.

Many of these are still available in Campbell's etsy store for just $50 each. The originals look wonderful in person (I have 7 of them!), so now is the time to jump in and get some of your favorites.

Nerds everywhere rejoice - Game of Thrones confirmed for third season

Surprising no one, surely, but it's nice to feel a touch more secure about the future. This was confirmed via Game of Thrones official twitter account, and the ensuing Twitter clusterfuck of retweets and wigging out has been good fun.

Which means what? More sexposition, more twincest, more blood and politics and people treating each other terribly. In recent news, having just listened to all the audio commentaries on Season One, I heartily recommend them. Lena Headey has a filthy mouth.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's Out? 11th of April 2012

What's available at comic shops today? Spoiler: More terrible comics than usual.

The Book Was Better Podcast Episode 15: Space Jam!

The 1950s had A Streetcar Named Desire. The 1960s had The Graduate. But the epoch-defining film of the 1990s has got to be SPACE JAM. This cinematic classic has a junior novelisation to match, so let Jessica and Luke whisk you away to the crazy world of 1996, when Michael Jordan quit basketball and the world wept.

Grab it from the Official Site.

Recap of the Mini Unpublished Games Festival in Philly!

Last weekend at Redcap's Corner in Philadelphia, game designer John Moller hosted the first of his series of Unpub Mini events.

If you haven't heard of Unpub, it's short for Unpublished Games Festival, a showcase for tabletop game designers who would like to playtest, and showcase their unpublished games. More than that, it's a chance to get feedback from gamers as well as other designers in a controlled, exclusive environment. John runs a great event (with the great help of Katherine), and everything went off very smoothly. There were over 30 people playing games from 7 designers throughout the day.

I had the chance to display my game Sandwich City, as well as the opportunity to play a few really cool new games. Check out the full recap after the break.

Nerd History: The Stanley Cup

Jeff and his wife with the Stanley Cup - go Bruins!
Tomorrow evening marks the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the prize for the best team in professional hockey in North America. If you're into competitive anything, there's little like playoff hockey - it's 60 minutes of fast, fast sport, and it will likely take some years off your life. A number of people, however, don't know quite how historic the Cup truly is, though. There's a lot of history and tradition with the Stanley Cup, and it might just be enough to get you interested for the next few months of playoff hockey.

Google Project glass

I am really liking this technology and I hate wearing any form of eye wear. I have perfect vision I don't need glasses, f**k protecting my eyes from the sun I can squint, pfft safety glasses I'll just duck! but give me terminator eye technology... I'm there!

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F**k Yeah Game of Thrones!: Episode Two, The Night Lands/Game of Boners!

Our house has been firmly gripped by Game of Thrones fever! Symptoms include drinking mead, murdering infants and skinning deers.

As the tension in series 2 continues to build, my girlfriend and I have re-watched all of series one on Blu-ray, and have begun our epic journey through the special features. Just a heads up: on episode 3 of series 1 there is a commentary track by the children that play Bran, Arya, and Sansa. If you want to hear a bunch of giggling kids sing the Game of Thrones opening theme and then watch and comment on a graphic R rated episode then this is NOT to be missed. Godammit, I love Game of Thrones!

And if you want to know more about the terrible things that happened in Series 2 Episode 2: The Night Lands, then join me after the jump and we can bump fists and totally geek out!

Tuesday Bounty! Glorious Bounty Gets it Together!

It’s Tuesday and that can only mean a brand new, piping hot serving of sci-fi/humour webcomic series Glorious Bounty, drawn by the loving, rugged hands of Edward J. Grug III and written by me!

When we last saw the Glorious Bounty crew they were crushed and defeated in a filthy alley and Deevis was trying to convince Bruce that their temporary robot bodies were awesome and that they should abandon Funf and PK and join the robot circus. Bruce wasn’t so sure. Which one of these great minds will be victorious? Read on to see!

Click to embiggen or read it on the official site.

And if you haven’t read before then don’t be a dummy! You can start reading at Chapter One right here!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Stryder's Favourite Comics - 4/4/2012

Well April's in full swing...I'm expecting showers at ANY minute.  Perchance followed by flowers.  Or dead fish.  You can never tell.  April IS the cruellest month after all.  Hopefully not for comics, though!  Although all things considered, it hasn't started off all that well...the exception being Action Comics!!

Action Comics #8 - Jumping in right where we left off last month, Superman is trying on clothes in Braniac's ship (for true!).  Oh, by the way, the "Collector of Worlds" is finally just Braniac.  Thank Goodness!  Lois tries to pretend that she made up the name but it was mentioned last issue in a list of potential "collector of worlds" short-names.  Nice try, Lane...

Anyway, so Superman is fighting Braniac and that Corporal guy who's all brainwashed and stuck in a metal exoskeleton over the fate of Metropolis, which is still shrunk in a bottle on the shelf.  While he's doing this, his brand new suit of indestructible Kryptonian formal wear keeps changing colours and symbols and whatnot.  It's random and never explained, but strangely neat!  Oh we also learn that Braniac was not planning on destroying Earth.  Something's coming along behind him to do that!  Superman seems confident that he can cross that bridge when he comes to it...oddly enough I share that confidence!  Hmmm.

Oh strangely the art style of the comic changed immensely half-way through.  Everything becomes all super-detailed (no pun intended!) and painted.  I'm sure there's an explanation I could Google, but hey, it's cool.   It does fit well with the plot at the point of the change and perhaps that's why it was done, but it was still a little jarring.

Ooh!  There are lots of other surprises in this issue but it's also worth picking up just for being the first time in Action Comics that Superman flies!!  It's a moment worth viewing for yourself!

See the other, less exciting comics of the week after the JUMP!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alternate Histories Classes Up Your Walls With Unspeakable Horrors!

My wife and I recently moved, and one thing we were able to do is build a library in one of the rooms. We had old-style shelves built, we have all sorts of old bookends and such around the fireplace. What really brings our room together, however, are the prints we got from the Alternate Histories shop on Etsy. This artist takes old-style historical pieces and adds different things to them, such as the Godzilla-like monster in Boston Harbor. They're equal parts awesome, hilarious, and subtle - every person we show them to tends to have the same reaction - overall "yeah, historical stuff," and then, when they notice the difference, surprised joy.

We bought three for our library, but I can honestly say there are many I'd like to have beyond what we have, including Nothing Shall Keep Us Apart and The Colombian Atomic Space-Craft. My college degree is in history, so all of these scratch so many of my itches. I love it.