Saturday, October 22, 2011

Recap: America's Next Top Model Season 17, Episode 6

Hullo everybody! I have been on holiday in Melbourne and have been cut off from the world (of TV) for a week. I took lots of photos and I'll show them to you later, because nothing is more interesting than photos of someone else's holidays. But first, the important stuff: OMG MODDLES!!!

Dare To Fight?

Soooo you see a Ninja standing in front of a sign saying "fight me"

You got to know that the homie won't fight fair. So unless you're Goddam Batman, best to just walk on by.

Yardsailing: The Boring Batman Edition (Plus a Bunch of Much Better Toys)

It's Batman week and I just happened to pick up a bunch of Batman figures at a yard sale. They are all actually Batman (I think). I know they make like 50 million variants of the superhero, and then one or two of the villains. It's pretty boring, and each one gets more ridiculous than the last (SEE EXAMPLE).

The rare, exclusive Armpit-Sniffing Batman
...but forget about the crazy ones and check out my 7 boring Batmen, and then a if you survive the boredom, check out the groups of AWESOME toys I picked up. There's Mighty Max, Biker Mice From Mars, Duck Tales, Super Mario Bros (The Movie!) and Last Action Hero.

ROCKtober Presents - ME?!?

All right this is just me goofing off this week.  I thought you guys might like to see a couple vids of a contributor basically embarassing himself all over the interwebz....Enjoy!!

Ok there's another one after the jump.  I'll also take pity on you and give you something GOOD!

Thank Gif It's Friday

Via Gifbin.

Rocktober Gallery Day #22

Cut Off Your Hands, Amplifier, 2007

Friday, October 21, 2011

Review: Hot Toys Batman Begins Bruce Wayne/Batman

A couple of months ago I posted about Hot Toys' Batman Begins Bruce Wayne/Batman 12 inch figure. It was an exclusive at San Diego Comic Con and sold-out quickly (fetching up to $600 afterwards on ebay), but then a second batch became available for pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles. After much deliberation, I couldn't resist, and despite owning very little Batman paraphernalia, I decided to pull the trigger and secure one myself. And let's be honest, if you could only have one Batman item then this could very well be it...

This looks more like Christian Bale than Christian Bale does.
Join me after the jump for a metric Bat-ton of images as we unbox Batman and I share some of my thoughts. Do it now, or you and I are done professionally!

Interview with Lego Minifigure Customizer Jamie Spencer (a/k/a Morgan190)

Last week, we featured Morgan190's custom Halloween Lego Advent Calendar (which is still going strong. This week there was Blaze Pixie, Bring Your Cthulhu to Work Day, and The Purple People Eater). 

At the time, I/we didn't know much about Morgan190, so I scheduled an interview with him. I wanted to know about his background with Lego, minifigs, and also about his creative process. In between the questions, I'm showing some of the best work from his flickr page. His minifigures are really top of the line (as well as non-conventional, as he uses many non-Lego parts), and the post production elements that he adds really helps his figures stand out above the rest.

Click through the jump for my interview with Jamie Spencer a/k/a Morgan190.

New WoW Expansion is Kung Fu Panda!

Blizzard convention Blizzcon is raging right NOW, and the biggest news to pop forth from its loins is the announcement of the newest World of Warcraft expansion. It's called Mists of Pandaria, so if you've been longing to ditch your orc for a kung fu panda then they sure have you covered!

Here's the preview trailer:

And the short version of the most interesting reveals (to me anyway):

- Pandaran is now a playable race.
- Monk is the new class.
- Your non combat pets have been turned into Pokemon and now have abilities and can battle each other. (It's turn-based and you can form teams).

Blizzard, you got your Pokemon all up in my Kung Fu Panda. Not sure about a release date but needless to say I'll be suckered into renewing my subscription again. 

Friday Night Movie Review 8! Battle of the Bridesmaids!

Not many of us saw movies this week, but - thanks to a tear in the space/time continuum - the two contributors who did send in reviews just happened to send in reviews for the same film! AND WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT!? Cats and dogs! Living together! Mass hysteria! Seriously - this is spooky!

So welcome to the Fruitless Pursuits Bridesmaids Vs. Bridemaids Battle Royale! Five bridesmaids enter! Only one bridesmaids leave! Two grown men battle it out to see which of their opinions are more valid in the discerning eyes of you, the ridiculously attractive, reader!

Who will reign victorious? Join me after the jump to find out!

Is Batman Secretly Terrible for Gotham?

Here's some controversy for Batman week

Why Batman Is Secretly Terrible for Gotham -- powered by

So is Batman terrible or is he a hero?

Boards and Beers - PitchCar

In the last couple of months, I have found myself playing a lot of Pitch Car and have become an internationally acclaimed dexterity-based racing champion. Not a day goes by without being recognized for my innate ability to flick stuff around a wooden track. My fame has gotten to the point where I have had to cancel all of my scheduled TV appearances out of fear of fan frenzy. Yet, I manage to stay humble.

Review after the Jump

Thank Gif it's Friday! - Bonus Batman Week Edition!

(The real Thank Gif it's Friday is still coming).

Welcome to Batman Week on Fruitless Pursuits!

Our Arkham City fever is burning so hot that we've decided why not dedicate a themed week to our favourite caped, crusading, screaming maniac hero! A billionare playboy that dresses like a bat and shatters people's ankles by hurling them off gargoyle-strewn rooftops? What's not to love about that! So why not join us for some special Batman themed content for our CeleBATion. That only works because I spelled it wrong.

Three important things to remember about our Batman Week:

1) We'll still post all our regular non-Batman stuff, but you will see slightly more Batman than usual.
2) It doesn't actually take place over a week. It'll probably be about nine days (that means two whole weekends of (slightly more) Batman!
3) I'm Batman!

So pull on your tights, folks, because it's time to...

And as an extra bonus, join me after the jump for a few vintage comic book Batman LULZ!...

Rocktober Gallery Day #21

Nathan Gaunt, Left Bank, 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Conspiracy Theorists Unite: 1987 TV Show Predicts Gaddafi's Death

Three questions...

1. Are you a conspiracy theorist?
2. Have you ever heard of the 1987 TV show Second Chance? 
3. How did this show survive for two months? 
In its original format, the show starred Kiel Martin as Charles Russell, a deceased man, and Matthew Perry as his younger self, who is nicknamed Chazz. In the year 2011, Charles dies in a hovercraft accident, and his soul is promptly sent to the high spiritual palace of Saint Peter (Joseph Maher). It is there that Saint Peter determines that Charles is too good for hell but not good enough to get into heaven; therefore, Charles is sent back to Earth in the year 1987, to re-join his life during the teenage years in order to help himself, through the younger Chazz, make more moral choices.
Onto more KRAZYness. In the pilot episode, there was a scene with Muammar Gaddafi meeting Saint Peter in heaven.. Not so weird...

BUT THE 1987 SHOW WAS DATED JULY 29 2011!!! Less than 3 months from the date of his actual death. For real.

Watch for yourself.

The Walken Penguin Dead

This is really awesome

I really wish I thought of that. I love Christopher Walken and making a whole bunch of zombie Walkens is the best thing in the world... well a zombie apocalyptic world

I have spread the zombie video virus after the jump about a Zombie wearing a penguin suit

Dreadfleet Update 3! A Dreadfleet Complete!

If you've followed my previous two updates (here and here!) I foolishly and spontaneously dived into the new epic fantasy/pirate tabletop miniatures war game Dreadfleet (set in the omnipresent Warhammer universe). ARRRR!!

I am completely new to all this, but if you want all that backstory click on the previous links, because, after what seems like months (it was nine days) I finally finished assembling and painting this thing this past weekend:

I now have an ocean instead of a coffee table!
Why not join me after the jump for more detailed images of the completed game (as well as a tease of what's next!)...

Halloween Costume Ideas - Bedsheet Cobra Commander

Like GI Joe? Love the idea of going as an iconic character from this classic 80s cartoon? Want to put as little effort into it as possible and still be able to walk away saying "That'll do" and look like a 3 year old drew your costume? Then I have just the costume for you!

This P.O.S. gem can be found at for a surprisingly expensive $9.99 (originally $60.00). Its as if someone saw a picture of Cobra Commander about 15 years ago, and then made the costume from memory in 20 minutes from materials only found at a MC Hammer yard sale, then put belts on in random spots. Personally, I love the choice not to wear shoes with this, as well as that his right leg is not as billowy as the left due to a pair of matching belts. The pillowcase hood is pretty choice too.

More photos after the jump

Halloween Was Pretty Weird in the Late 70's / Early 80's

Who thought it was a good idea to dress up as your favorite character wearing a t-shirt with their own face on it?


Now I don't know if Ben Cooper is a company or if he's the man behind the strangest, yet extremely popular Halloween costume design ("just incase you overlooked my head, I have an extra face on my belly!"). Either way, this is something that somehow existed, and I'm proud to admit that I've had at least a few of them over the years. Even just a few years ago, I came across a Ben Cooper Swamp Thing costume, as well as a Dukes of Hazzard costume.

Click through the jump for a gallery of Ben Cooper favorites. Join in on the comments with your favorites, and let us know if you dressed up as any of these wonderful weirdos.

Rocktober Gallery Day #20

Eskimo Joe, Rosemount, 2007

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DYE "Fantasy" Official Video by JEREMIE PERIN

I dig this clip by Jeremie Perin (Truckers Delight see after the jump). It has some NSFW stuff though

Halloween Costume Ideas - Creepy Anime Makeup

Halloween is just around the corner, so its time to get ready. What better way than to learn how to do up your make up like an anime character and creep everyone the hell out

Its even creepier when her eyes finally surface.

Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection 2011: Bastila Shan, Walrus Man, Hoth Trooper!

I'll try not to (once again) bemoan the circumstances surrounding me acquiring the three newest figures in Hasbro's 2011 vintage inspired line-up. (Long story short: I paid too much for them due to an online subscription service where, to paraphrase Lando: "This deal is getting worse all the time!"). But regardless of my woes, I do actually own these now, and although a mere three figures is a pretty meagre excuse for a "wave", they are all pretty awesome. Well.. except for... you'll see.

Join me after the jump and I'll take you on the tour - starting with my thoughts about ol' "Walrus Man". Or "Ponda Baba" as those embarrassingly in-the-know like to call him. I've always preferred "Scrotum Face" or "Mouthballs"... READ ON!

Rocktober Gallery Day #19

Matisyahu, Blues & Roots Festival, 2010

Harrison Ford playing Uncharted 3

This game is so Indiana Jones that even Indian Jones is playing it

(possible spoilers)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Penguins can be jerks

  • David Attenborough gives us the scoop

UPDATE: Human jerks

What's Out? Week of the 19th of October

What a beautiful sunny day it is here!
Perfect conditions for looking at what comics, toys and such are shipping this week:

Bricks of War - Gears Gone Lego

So someone with a lot of time, a lot of Lego, and a love for Gears of War has made this fantastic Lego version of Gears of War. Remember, Brothers in blood chainsaw with love. The making of vid after the jump

New York Comic Con Report from our Intrepid Reporter!

None of the regular Fruitless Pursuits team got anywhere near New York Comic Con, largely due to lack of funds/time/interest, vast oceans, restraining orders, and an electronic monitoring anklet. Lucky for us, though, we have an agent in the field - our intrepid reporter Travis was in attendance and he has generously reported back on the mayhem that was NYCC 2011 this past weekend!

Hideous potato-headed podracer Ben Quadrinaros on a vintage card? Finally! Sign me up for a thousand!
For some valuable insights, plus exclusive photos of upcoming collectibles, be sure to join us after the jump for an uncensored, unbridled, no-holds-barred account of comic con chaos!

Rocktober Gallery Day #18

Art vs Science, Capitol, 2010

Roctober Mixtape: Luke!

We're now over half-way through our glorious Rocktober bender and it's my turn to batter your eager ears with a mighty mixtape of my own creation!

Be sure to join me after the jump to discover the precedented aural pleasure I have lovingly pieced together for you!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Awesome Doctor Who Thing of the Day

From via Tumblr

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

This is pretty ridiculous, but they seriously do look like noses. I will never be able to look someone in the nose without thinking of these.

I posted a few more good ones after the jump, but you can head right here to see them all

Agent Coulson: Showing the Superheroes How It's Done!

As I write this, there's just about 8 hours left until I can officially purchase my copy of Batman: Arkham City! Because unlike other countries, WE stick to street dates. I ALSO happen to have spent last night watching people kill zombies on the truly awesome Walking Dead premiere!

The problem, however, is that all day I've been in "superhero mode". And stuff like this isn't helping:

This is the new Marvel "One-Shot" movie that serves as a branch between Iron Man 2 and Thor and stars the incredibly cool Agent Phil Coulson (played by the equally cool Clark Gregg). I'm not going to give away the details, but I will say I don't think you'll be disappointed. I mentioned this on the podcast this weekend, but I have a theory about Coulson. I think he's actually Captain Marvel in disguise. The rumor is that the Avengers movie is going to involve Skrulls, and I think it would be a good way to make the character a major player, while also setting off the next movement in the Marvel movies, which sounds like it's supposed to be moving towards the cosmic side...easy peasy! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go rock back and forth for a few hours while I wait for my video game.

"A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer" will be available Oct. 25th on the Captain America DVD and Blu-Ray release.

Cop Rock

Rocktoooobahhhh isn't over yet so are you ready for some Cop Rock?

I know right?

You thought you were ready but you weren't. This is how Wikipedia explains it:

"Cop Rock is an American musical police drama series that aired on ABC in 1990. The show, a police drama presented as a musical, was co-created by Steven Bochco, who also served as executive producer. TV Guide ranked it #8 on TV Guide's List of the 50 Worst TV Shows of All Time list in 2002."

I've thrown down some more gems that are truly outrageous after the jumpy

Metal Mondays - Steel Panther

Ever wished that the colossally boofheaded, ridiculous hair metal of the Poison, Motley Crue era was still kicking? And maybe about a million times filthier? Meet Steel Panther.

I don't even feel like I need to write anything else. FEAST YOUR EYES. And now you've recovered, watch some filmclips. Everything after the break is so incredibly NSFW you have no idea.

Rocktober Gallery Day #17

AFI, Soundwave, 2010

Kickstart the Week: If I'm Going Down... - A Zombie Themed Dying Card Game by A.J. Porfirio (INTERVIEW!)

This week we are featuring a Zombie themed card game, If I'm Going Down... by A.J. Porfirio of Van Ryder Games.

Click here to visit and support the project on Kickstarter!

Read more about the project and my interview with creator, A.J. Porfirio after the jump.

Weekly Re-Crap - Week ending October 16th

Here's this week's re-crap, where we revisit everything we did last week. Did you miss any news? Or any non-news? If so, find it below!

This week we had a ton of posts. Over 60, which was the most yet. Lots of ROCK (as it is still ROCKtober), and a solid balance of Comics, Toys, and Movies.

Click through the jump for all of last weeks topics, sorted nicely!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Batman: Arkham City is here?

Rumour is it has broken it's street date in Australia.

Here's a pretty funny add

I just finished Dues Ex: human Revolution for the second time last night so I'm pretty keen to play this.

Yardsailing: Weird Toys, Mystery Transforming Figures and The Big Question... Is The Pope Catholic?

Whoa new banner!

I stopped at a few yard sales this weekend. I had such high hopes and ended up spending $20 on some weird board games, weird toys, and some stuff for the kiddies.

Click through the jump for pictures of all the good stuff (and the bad stuff) and once again, help me figure out what I actually bought.

Fruitless Pursuitscast - Episode Five

Our weekly podcast is back! This week we're ALL AMERICAN. It's Mike Taylor, Mike Wickliff, and J. Tagmire representing the good old USA. Yee-haw.

So what did we nerd out about this week?

The New Muppet Movie trailer
Darth Maul's return
William Shatner sings the (space) hits
Lego Minigures revealed
Angry Birds board game makes gamers bored and angry
Tanto Cuore?
This weeks Batman - Arkham City release
Avengers trailer and supporting films

You can subscribe on iTunes or just use the link below:

Click to stream. Right click to download.

Rocktober Gallery Day #16

The Script, Challenge Stadium, 2011