Monday, July 1, 2013

Perth Supanova 2013 Round Up: The A to Z of Supanova!

So pop culture expo, Perth Supanova 2013, was a rollicking success that we still haven't quite recovered from. It's an overwhelming amount of craziness to cover, so - seeing as how we're one of the few semi-literate sites left on the 'net - we're going to start by getting all fancy... and do an A to Z of some of our highlights from the weekend. Jacinta and I took a hell of a lot of photos, so from Ariel to Zombies we have you covered...

Full images and commentary after the jump! Hopefully it will tide you over until our more in-depth coverage and supastar celebrity interviews start landing very soon. 

ONWARD! There's something here for everyone...

A is for Ariel
Late Sunday we ran into a bevy of Disney Princesses! All of them were wonderful, including this amazing Ariel...

B is for Bradley James
Merlin's Arthur was a huge hit with the fans, including my fellow contributors who will have more on that soon. I didn't get to catch Bradley although I was bemused by an awesome photo of him sword-fighting with a fan in the photo booth. With actual swords!

C is for Chewbacca
Everybody's favourite right-hand man was out in full force. Looking at those lips, I think Carrie Fisher might have decided she'd rather not kiss a wookiee after all, but Chewie is still a certified bro. With an assault rifle apparently...

D is for Darth Vader
Great to see some old skool Star Wars taking over again. The Dark Lord of the Sith was outside teaching the little kids how to force choke...

E is for Eight Bit Mario
This was the most ingenious costume at the entire convention! Watching it from the side, the legs and arms moved just like the game! This is blocky perfection...

F is for Feferi
What is Homestuck? Who is Feferi? I don't know because I'm old! But not too old to use google. So I googled Homestuck and am now even more confused. But I love this excellent cosplay...

G is for Gollum
Gollum stood guard at the Weta booth all weekend where artist Daniel Falconer was awesome...

H is for Hasselhoff!
What else can we say about The Hoff that we haven't already said? Recap: He looks great. He's funny and personable. Don't hassle him...

I is for Indiana Jones
I don't think Indy is looking that old at all! In fact he's looking pretty spritely. And I say thumbs up to some crystal skull love! I like my Indy in the fridge!

J is for Joker
Lots of options with a Joker but how classy is the 1989 mime version? Here is a gentleman classily portraying the gentleman's Joker...

K is for Kid Loki
I am way behind in the comics... but I think at various stages Loki has been a kid, a woman, a horse and a sasquatch. This Kid Loki is rocking it though. Mischief!

L is for Loki
Now this I understand! Good old movie Loki! And Black Widow is back too. Being a god must rock!

M is for Merlin Knights
The fans went pretty wild for these guys too. They got the whole pavilion doing the Harlem Shake apparently, which is a pretty mighty power to have. 

N is for Nintendo
The Wii might be for wee babbies, but a lot of our crew are addicted to Animal Crossing right now! And thanks to the Nintendo section of Supanova all of our Happy Homes Showcases are full!

Yes, this is me and my life-long idol Carrie Fisher. This is a dream come true for me and something I would have never imagined happening as a child. Living in Canberra was like being stuck on Tatooine.   I only met Carrie for about fifteen seconds but she was a very warm and wonderful presence. And strong too. You can see it her eyes. I love her!

P is for Predator
The problem is that when you put a lot of strong, powerful dynamic people at a convention, it can attract predators who want to hunt them for trophies. Look out, Carrie! This one just decloaked...

Q is for Quidditch
Perth has a Quidditch team! Did you know that? They're the Phoenixes and they went nuts out on the lawn. Quidditch is totally dangerous hence the ambulance in the background.

R is for Rapunzel
Another fantastic Disney Princess luring crowds with her hair...

S is for Scarecrow
Is this one of the most incredible costumes or what? The guy is on stilts even! I asked which version of the Scarecrow this was, and he told me, and I got confused. This is a favourite though...

T is for Tudyk
Everybody loves Alan Tudyk! Is there anyone more affable than Alan? Sadly more Firefly still isn't likely. And he called Fox "assholes" for chasing down people for making Jayne's hat! He's a man of the people!

U is for Urban
Karl Urban is in everything good. Did you go and see Judge Dredd like I told you to? Do it now!

V is for Vanellope
Why it's our very own Courtney Coulson, freed from her terrifying Cyberman costume and portraying one of the sweetest, cutest things there is. Even if it was voiced by dirty Sarah Silverman...

W is for the Weasley Twins
Probably the biggest response from the fans all Supanova! Huge crowds of squealing fans crowded around to catch a glimpse of them. What did we learn from their panel? When they got Sorted at Universal Studios one of them was sorted as a Gryffindor (as he is in the movie) and the other was sorted as Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs are the total losers of the Harry Potter world).

X is for X-Men
Wolverine. Gambit. Deadpool! All X-Men right? Well... is Deadpool? If Deadpool has been a kid, a head, a lady and a squirrel then I'm sure he's been an X-Man at some point, right?

Y is for Ygritte
Sorry Jon Snow! You look fantastic but we need a "Y". YAY YGRITTE! She's killing it as always! 

Z is for Zombies
This was the sweetest zombie couple imaginable. Didn't even try to eat my brains once - even though at this stage of the convention part of them were dribbling out my head.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped to have their photo taken! You can see much more at our Facebook gallery here. But you got to 'like' us so we feel loved, all right??

And stay tuned for interviews, detailed panel coverage, comic guests and more...


  1. Thanks for including quidditch in this!

    <3 from the Phoenixes Captain.

    1. No problem! It looked like everyone was having a great time on the weekend!