Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

Hey folks!  Happy Halloween!!

Wonders never cease and after two weeks of mayhem here I am back on my correct day with 5 new comics!  Today we'll look at my favourite comics released on October 23, 2013:

Justice League #24 - "This isn't about a good world and an evil one.  It's about strength and weakness.  And where we have stamped out weakness, this world lets it thrive."

First of all, you have to love the cover to this issue, which is, of course, a mirror-image homage to the cover of Justice League #1...nice!

Anyway, this "Forever Evil" tie-in issue focuses mainly on the Earth 3 Superman, aka Ultraman.  It basically tells the Superman origin story...dying planet, desperate parents, escape rocket...but of course a twisted and WRONG version of it.  Superman...the very IDEA of Superman...made the world a better place (even our "non-fictional" world!) but the idea of Ultraman marks the beginning of the end for Earth 3.  Not that they had a lot going for them in the first place, what with the whole dimension being "evil".

We also touch on Ultraman's private agenda on the "main" Earth, as well as what the rest of his team, the Crime Syndicate, are doing.  Nothing good, that's for darn sure...but plenty that's entertaining!  Great issue!  Can't wait for more!

What other comics force me into the blatant overuse of exclamation points this week?  Find out after the JUMP!

The Flash #24 - "Given the opportunity...what would you change?"

It's the final showdown between Barry "The Flash" Allen and Daniel West aka the Reverse Flash!  Both varieties of Flash have been transported back in time by Daniel, who has stolen Barry's power for just this purpose!  His goal all along was to time travel to his own childhood and murder his abusive father.  In this way, he hoped to spare himself (and his sister Iris West) from the trauma that he believes set him on his "criminal path" to begin with! 

Reverse Flash truly is a mirror of the Flash, in action as well as appearance!  Lest we forget, Barry Allen tried time travel a few years ago to try and STOP his mom from being murdered...an action that catastrophically backfired on him and led to both "Flashpoint" and ultimately the New 52!  Hopefully no multiverses will be demolished in the wake of Reverse Flash's meddling...

Anyway, it's a great comic...a nice and satisfying conclusion to one of the best Flash stories yet!

Red Lanterns #24 - "This place have a bar?"

"Lights Out" part four arrives and I finally break down and purchase a copy of Red Lanterns.  Overall I'm glad I did!  Even if I have no real idea of what is going on in the book, aside from the details of the cross-over.  Guy Gardner is now a Red Lantern and is claiming to have killed Atrocitus (former Red leader) with his bare hands.  Atrocitus, however, is shown to be alive and well and flying through space possessed by the Red Entity (a bull-like energy being known as the Butcher) and having meaningful personal time with his kitty-cat, Dex-Starr.

You know, I think I'll buy the next issue of this book and see how that all plays out.  Dex-Starr the rage-fueled kitty-cat may be my new favourite super-hero (villain?)!

Anyway, of course since it's a cross-over Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner both get involved...Relic is camped out at the edge of the Universe, still threatening the Corps' way of life after all!  Which will certainly be neatly wrapped up in the upcoming Green Lantern Annual #2! 

Superman #24 - "When I write up this story...I'd better win all the awards!"

The Psycho Pirate is terrorizing Metropolis after having defeated his psychic adversaries, Queen Bee and Hector Hammond.  Oh, not to mention that he's trapped Superman inside his own memories and drained the Man of Steel of his psychic potential to fuel some chaotic agenda! 

This looks like a job for Lois Lane!?!  That's right...Lois awakens from the coma she's been in since the Annual (only a couple days in-book) literally GLOWING with psychic energy given to her by one of the fabled "Twenty".  She senses Superman's peril and rushes to the rescue! 

Of course, our favourite reckless reporter/newly founded psychic can't possibly be a match for the experience and power of the Psycho Pirate...particularly not with his power-enhancing Medusa Helmet!  Can she??

Aquaman #24 - "I knew the dark secrets lurking in years past.  I prayed they would never come to the surface."

Arthur awakens from a 6 month coma this month to find that much has changed since the last issue.  To understand what's going on, he must look into the past and uncover the secrets of Atlantis!

In this epic issue we learn a great deal about both Arthur's ancestors and legacy and his newest nemesis, the Dead King.  In searching for answers, Aquaman learns the Dead King's origin and life story, as well as the secret of the original sinking of Atlantis!  It turns out...it's not at all what Arthur thought!  The implications for Aquaman's future are staggering to say the least!

Great issue that finally really hooked me into this whole "Dead King" story for good...now I'm seriously intrigued.  Even if I have a bit of a problem, continuity-wise, with Aquaman having been in a coma for 6 whole months...the world-building in this issue alone is worth the headache of trying to figure out how this could possibly be in the larger DCU.  Particularly if you just shrug and go along with it, as I am wont to do.  For that matter, we only have Vulko's word that it's been 6 months...the same Vulko who lied to everyone and started the war between Atlantis and the surface world back in the "Throne of Atlantis" cross-over!  Trustworthy?  I think not....

ANNNNND that's it...5 comics, no waiting!  It's been a while.  Maybe I'll even be able to keep it up next week!  Speaking of which, New Comic Book day tomorrow brings us even more comics.  Since it's the 5th Wednesday of the month, we're getting some interesting new stuff such as Action Comics Annual #2, Aquaman Annual #1, Forever Evil: Argus #1, and especially DAMIAN: Son of Batman #1 (of 4) written and penciled by Andy Kubert and Sandman: Overture #1 (of 6) written by NEIL GAIMAN and drawn by J.H. Williams!  WOAH!

If that ain't doing it for you I don't know what will!  Perhaps you'll enjoy this week's Stryder's Dementia, wherein I discuss the many, many injuries I have acquired over the years...

If you don't like that, well that's too bad cause it's all I've got this week.  Check back next week and I'll come up with something else.  In the meantime, have a great week!  Peace!

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