Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5...uh...2!!

Hey folks!  I have to be honest...I'm on vacation right now and wasn't going to post ANYTHING this week at all!  HOWEVER...2 of the best comics I've read in ages both came out last week and I can't just let them pass by without comment!  We'll get back to 5 whole comics NEXT week...for now, enjoy my Top 2 released October 9th, 2013:

Batman #24 - "This is madness--you know, Alfred.  The thing we're building down here."

Whoa!  In this Double-Sized "Zero Year" issue we are treated to the first appearance of BATMAN!  The Dark Knight rises to try and end the Red Hood Gang and their mysterious leader once and for all!  The Legend of the Bat truly begins this night, the evening before the anniversary of Bruce Wayne's parents death!  Amazing!

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have really outdone themselves to make this the best re-imagining of the Batman origin they possibly could, and they've succeeded far, far beyond my expectations!  This is easily my favourite issue of the New 52 Batman comic yet, and that's saying a lot, as there have been some really excellent issues!  Instant classic.  People will be reading this comic and all of "Zero Year" for years and years to come, for sure!  Really good work!

What other comic blew my socks off this week?  Here's a's a BRAND NEW TITLE!  Find out what after the JUMP!

NEW! Superman/Wonder Woman #1 - "You have things to learn, and I'm just the woman to teach you."

Great first issue of a brand new series this week!  Superman and Wonder Woman have been a couple for a while now in the New 52, but for the most part we rarely get to see them interact.  Finally, here is a book dedicated to two of the most powerful heroes on Earth and their relationship together!  Our story begins as Clark and Diana have a date interrupted by a alert from the Watchtower - there's a huge and strangely odd storm off the Norwegian coast.  Can they check it out?  Well of course they can!  What else are a superhero couple going to do on a night out?

Interspersed with the action, we have lots of other intriguing personal favourite being Diana's offer to train Clark to fight!  Dude has power, but does he have ability?  When his girlfriend and his best (bat) friend are two of the greatest fighters on the planet, why is he still a simple brawler?  I love character moments like this...something that we don't see often enough these days!

Anyway, I really liked this issue.  Written by Charles Soule and beautifully drawn by Tony S. Daniel!  Two guys who just seem to keep getting better!  Can't wait for issue #2!

And that's it for my awesome Top 2 this week!

(Oh, fine, if you want to know, I had plans to include Green Lantern Corps #24 ("Lights Out" Part 2 features the fate of OA!), Forever Evil:  Arkham War #1 (another tie-in...Bane vs. the Asylum inmates) and Nightwing #24 in which the Prankster/Tony Zucco storyline is resolved!)

Today is New Comic Book Day!  New issues of Batman/Superman, Justice League of America, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Wonder Woman and more!  

I also updated Stryder's Dementia with a bit about how I like cassette tapes or some such...take a look!

Alright VACATION all I ever wanted...Va-Ca-Tion gotta get away!  See ya next week...wherein I will use my WHOLE ass!  Peace!!

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