Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 4 Trailer

So the season four Game of Thrones trailer has dropped!

Follow me under the cut for some thoughts.

This trailer is certainly less intriguing than last year's 'Ladder' teaser and associated trailers - and really, how could anyone hope to surpass the amazing Aidan Gillen spouting fearsome strategy -  but that seems to be deliberate. Season three of Game of Thrones sought to raise the stakes and expectations that something big was coming and that our favourite characters might be in the cross hairs. Season four is setting the tone for a more political game; one of trials, quests and feuds.

It's great to see familiar faces like Tyrion, Jamie, Dany, Jon, Cersei and Arya. But if you look closely you'll see some new faces too. Words cannot describe how excited I am to see The Red Viper of Dorne in there. He is going to be awesome! I have to say, part of me is disappointed that he doesn't look a lot like I imagined the people of Dorne to look. Hopefully this will be made up for in his performance.

Tyrion looks like he is in some serious trouble and Jamie seems to be back in the Kings Landing fray; suited and booted.

Things are heating up (well, you get what I mean) at the Wall with Jon Snow and Yigrette looking like they are about to undertake some serious fighting.

In the mean time, across the Narrow Sea, it seems like Dany has taken her recent successes to heart, grown up and found a cause. I love the voice over of her saying 'they can live in my new world or they can die in their old one'. Watching her develop through this season is going to be very interesting indeed, as she learns the differences between being a fighter and keeper of a cause and being a Queen.

And the foreboding shadows of the dragons at the beginning are magic. Dany is not merely hiding anymore; time for her to spread her metaphorical (and in some respects literal) wings.

Cersei is making similarly ferocious claims, seemingly to none other than her Lannister father Tywin. Not sure if that is a good move Cersei! It seems like our good friend, her son,  King Joffery is having some trouble with some commoners and the war, which his uncle helpfully reassures him, and the viewers, is very much not over. Trouble in camp Lannister.

We also now know that Mark Gatiss has been cast for the season as the Iron Banker, introduced a lot sooner than in the books, so there will be plenty to comment on in terms of differences between the books and the show and the directions they are taking the characters and the plots in Westeros.

Daario Naharis has also been re-cast (perhaps just in time) so watch out Mother of Dragons!

The music gives the whole trailer an ominous feel which is great; we are watching Game of Thrones after all. Hopefully it'll be an awesome season. For now all I have left to say is: ALWAYS NEEDS MORE PETYR BAELISH.

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