Tuesday, December 27, 2011

J. Tagmire's Top Ten Lego Minifigures of 2011

Forget movies! Forget video games! It's time for the Top Ten Lego Minifigures of 2011!

Lego took things to a new level once again in 2011, with Series 4 and 5 of the Lego Minifigures Series, old favorites like Star Wars, and new licenses like Pirates of the Caribbean and DC Super Heroes. Click through the jump to see the best of the best.
#10. Hammerhead Warrior
(7977 Atlantis Seabed Strider - $9.99)
The Atlantis series has always produced awesome unique minifigures that will totally shake up your Lego world, and this walking shark is a perfect example. With his trident, he's could almost pass for a Battle Beast.

#9. Boxer
(Minifigures Series 5 - $2.99)
Custom boxing glove hands, a unique hat piece and a double sided face, with one side all-beaten up? This one couldn't have been better. A lot of times Lego will make a silly grin on one side of the face and a sillier one own the other, but this sad, beaten up face is just perfect.

#8. Captain Jack Sparrow
(4181 Isla De Muerta - $19.99)
Lego nailed the Captain Jack Sparrow figure with his custom hair/bandanna piece. The Pirates of the Caribbean sets fit right in with the Lego Pirates series (except the skin tone minfigures), but if you were going to buy just one set, Isla De Muerta will get you a Captain Jack Sparrow with an awesome dual face for just $19.99.

#7. Alien Overlord
(7065 Alien Mothership - $59.99)
The second most expensive minifigure on the list and the best in the really cool Alien Conquest series, is Alien Overlord. He has the flavor and feel of an alien from Mars Attacks, and is hard to resist, even at $59.99. His ship is pretty cool too and can justify the purchase. Right?

#6. Mermaid 
(4192 Whitecap Bay - $79.99)
The old Lego mermaid was kind of weird. Really tall, standing straight up on it's fin.. something was just off about it. But this year, they nailed the mermaid design in the Pirates of the Caribbean line. And if you spend $79.99 on the awesome Whitecap Bay set, you will get two different mermaids!

#5. Biohazard guy
(Minifigures Series 4 - $2.99)
The Biohazard Guy's suit is amazing, but his scared to death facial expression is what makes this minifigure so wonderful. If you can still find Series 4 in stores, he's an easy one to feel out with the big helmet/torso piece. 

#4. Young Han Solo
(The Padawan Menace DVD/BluRay - $13.00)
The child version of our favorite scruffy-looking nerd herder is now available as a minifigure! The Padawan Menace was 30 minutes of pure fun, and for around $13.00 you can get the Blu Ray/DVD set with exclusive minifigure and extend the adventures of Young Han Solo.

#3. Superman
(6862 Superman vs Power Armor Lex - $19.99)
The DC Super Heroes sets are just hitting stores and their awesomeness has barely started to settle, but Superman pushed his way right to #3 on the list. Lego hit all of their marks on this one. His signature curl and classic red undies are all accounted for. 

#2. Logray
(7956 Ewok Attack - 24.99)
Logray was a massive improvement to the early chocolate bar Ewok minifigures. Not only did they paint his face, they game him an awesome helmet, a pouch (both painted!) and his signature stripes. Next to the other unpainted Ewoks, he is a minifigure god. And not the C3P0 kind of God.

#1. Lizard Man 
(Minifigures Series 5 - $2.99)
The Lizard Man continues the series of Lego men in animal costumes. First we had the Gorilla Suit, which was absolutely wonderful. And now we have a Lizard Man? Amazing. The Lego Minifigures Series is the best thing Lego has done in recent years (possibly to be topped by Lego LOTR in 2012?), mixing ridiculous characters like the Lizard Man with everyday people. He's another easy one to feel out, just feel for his awesome spikes. 

He fought out Logray in a tough battle for first place. In the end, it was the taller legs that won him the fight. He now stands tall as the Best Lego Minifigure of 2011. Rawr.

Looking forward to Lego 2012!