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Stryder's Favourite Comics - Release Date 1/11/2012

Another week, another LONG list of comics!  A little late this week since it took me this long to read all the books and also fight some miserable virus that hopefully won't affect my ability to compose sentences that make sense!  Just bear with me folks...

Green Lantern #5 - Sinestro and Hal Jordan are still working to free Sinestro's home planet from the Yellow Lantern corps that Sinestro created!  To do this, Sinestro has armed several political prisoners with Green Lantern rings with a very limited power supply.  Unfortunately, the prisoners are more interested in tearing Sinestro apart than stopping those that used to be his minions!!  What is a possibly-reformed ex-dictator to do???

Again, a decent issue of GL that really has almost nothing to do with Hal Jordan.  I beleive this wraps up the storyline though, and we'll move to a more Earth-centric dilemma next month.  It's been an interesting way to start a comic book and one that I'm happy I've seen through, despite my initial misgivings.  I'm still not sold on Hal or this comic entirely, and he'll never be my favourite super-hero, but as far as cocky smart-ass daredevils with more guts than brains go, Hal's at least intriguing!  Even if I mostly enjoy mocking his idiotic decisions.  Hmmm.  Could Green Lantern be the new Aquaman???

Lots more after the jump!!

Batgirl #5 - A new mystery arises for our dear friend Barbara as a new, ambiguous villain known only as Gretel (no Hansel though) makes her first moves, subjecting seemingly innocent people to blatant mind control and using them to attack her foes, or seemingly forcing them to their deaths for fun?  Or for some other, undefined reason?  Batgirl doesn't know why and neither do I!  Add this problem to her already complicated personal life, with a roommate who is getting suspicious, a constant fear of returning to a wheelchair, and now a returned-out-of-nowhere MOTHER?  WHA???  Poor Babs.  All this and an appearance by papa-bat, Bruce Wayne!!  It's an interesting month!  Can't wait to see where this is going....

Batman and Robin #5 - Hmm.  Well, Damien's a problem child.  No one's too shocked by this.  Bruce, however, admits to HIS faults as well!  That's slightly more shocking!  Sadly, it comes too late as Damien aka Robin has run off with a punisher-like assassin with a code who has a grudge against Batman!!  Meanwhile, the Bat searches the city, trying to find them before it's TOO LATE!!!!  Oh NO!!! 
Good  issue and it's setting up for a lot of interesting characterization I am sure.  I am still in love with Bat-Dog.  I also think the weird vehicles that Batman chooses to drive in this comic book are interesting.  In issue one he drove a weird gyroscopic sewer ball.  Here he takes a strange looking tron-like car.  I assume it's a hybrid.  In both instances, the COOL batmobile is sitting RIGHT THERE!  Maybe he's scared Damien will spill ice cream, or perhaps blood, on the seats...

Batwoman #5 - I think this may very well be my last Batwoman.  They more or less finished up the "water-ghost" storyline this month, although without any REAL finality as, although the bad guy seems to be stopped, the hostages are still not found.  Meanwhile, Flamebird (the  sidekick) was horribly injured last month and then hidden away somewhere.  This month Batwoman is more or less being blackmailed into working for a shady secret police-like agency led by a skeleton who smokes too much because of this.  Somehow it will also help her find the hostages, too.  I can't make this stuff up, folks!  I tried to like this book a lot because the artwork is stunning but I still haven't been able to drum up any enthusiasm for the main character or what's happening.  My favourite part of the book has been Flamebird, but with her practically dead, I don't see too much point in continuing.  Unless next month's cover art and quick flip-through REALLY grab me, this is the last you'll hear about Batwoman.

Suicide Squad #5 -  Observant readers may notice that I have NEVER mentioned the Suicide Squad before!  This title failed to interest me upon initial release, and I didn't really care about it until issue 3 or so.  Then I couldn't find the first ones so I figured I'd let it go by the wayside.  However, this all changed when I found a store that had all the back-issues 1-5 available cheap, and suddenly I'm a huge fan!  Well, ok, not a huge fan, but I'm interested.  Having just read the first 5 issues more or less back-to-back, I can say that I'm looking forward to Harley Quinn and Deadshot either killing each other or getting married and having little psychotic babies together.  That is, IF Harley can't find the Joker.  Seems like she's on the run to go find her lost love, currently missing after having his face peeled off in Detective Comics #1 (or so they would have us believe - the jury's still WAY OUT on what actually happened to Mister J).  Add in King Shark and Diablo, plus a host of lesser characters as cannon fodder, and you have the makings of an interesting comic book.  As long as you don't mind your main characters being the villains for a change.  We can't be noble EVERY second, can we??

Superboy #5 - We go back in time this month in Superboy to read a little prequel to Teen Titans #4.  The mysterious sciency place that birthed Superboy is training him to go subdue and capture other teenage metahumans with which he can barter for his own freedom.  Of course, he's playing them to a certain extent, I think.  It's hard to tell exactly what Superboy's motivation are or what he's really doing.  There's no context to expect him to act by when he's only been conscious for 5 issues now.  In any case, he's still playing his own game, pretending to go along with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. but also rescuing his original teacher/mentor from their clutches in secret.  Where will it all lead?  Only time will tell....

So that's it for this week!  Lots and lots of comics and tomorrow is all ready new comic book day all over again!  Stay tuned next week  for another 7 titles including Baman, Wonder Woman and many more!!  See ya!

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