Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Hot Toys' Catwoman Cosbaby!

Our pals at Hot Toys don’t just make eerily realistic sixth-scale people, they also make eerily unrealistic, super-deformed baby versions of your favourite movie characters. These are called Cosbabies, which I guess are babies that are forced to cosplay by their nerd parents at conventions for “oohs”, “aahs”, and photo opportunities. Perhaps at next year’s San Diego Comic Con, some costumed babies could fight in a pit?

Regardless, Hot Toys’ latest attempt to transform the characters of the bleak, gritty, depressing, screaming, rasping, terrorist-filled, epicly-long Christopher Nolan Batman films into lovable, squishy babies has turned out quite well! And if there’s one thing that the First World needs, it’s more Batman merchandise!

I have one of them, and to find out what I think of forced baby cosplay... join me after the jump!

Firstly I dig the Baby Batman black box. Are these blind-packaged? It's difficult for me to say as I eBayed this one, but I do know that stores are offering them as sets. My box arrived unopened but I can't find any indication on it that says which character is inside. Actually, to be perfectly honest, right now I can't even find the box.

There are three sets of three, each set representing one of the Nolan Batman films.. It's a solid line-up but not quite complete as you can see...

Three Batmans AND a Bruce Wayne? I think we'd have been better off with Ra's As Guhl in the Batman Begins set, and The Dark Knight set is crying out for a hideous baby Two-Face. "Hideous Baby Two-Face" might be my new handle on forums. And how about a baby Gary Oldman Commisioner Gordon? When I have babies I am going to dress them in glasses, fake grey moustache and a trenchcoat 80% of the time. Even the girl babies.

But they got The Dark Knight just right. It's the holy trinity of Batman, Bane and Catwoman. I've gone for Catwoman this time although I wouldn't mind adding a Bane and a Joker to the collection. One other thing while we're still talking packaging. Have you ever noticed this before?...

Those are actually the original movie logos, right? So the gradual destruction of the bat symbol clearly appears to be something that was planned all along. You are one cunning customer, Christopher Nolan! Very cool to see these all together.

Okay and inside is one very protected, blister packed baby Catwoman, baby Anne Hathaway style...

I only just took it out of the box!? How is everything so dusty?

Anyway, here's a better look at her. While it looks like the goggles/ears might swing down they are actually permanently atop her head.

Now these are a novelty more than anything and it's either an aesthetic you're going to "get" or you're not. If you think this is ugly then I'm not going to be able to convince you otherwise. I'm kind of mixed on it myself. I think they've done a far better job with the heads this series, really injecting in some unique expressions and personality - I like that the mouth is higher than usual on her face and cocked to one side. 

But there's no getting past the awful body sculpts. From Playmobile arms to Mickey Mouse Feet (and a cubic arse) there's not a lot to enjoy from the neck down. Still, these must have found their audience because Hot Toys seems to be churning them out for a lot of franchises now.

You will see the marked improvement in the face when compared to this far older Iron Man 2 Black Widow which I reviewed earlier...

The old ones were wide-eyed, blank and expressionless. And frowning. Like a sad Cupie doll. No character there at all. Not that Scarlett showed a lot of character in Iron Man 2. ZING! Although all is forgiven for The Avengers. Speaking of which, I would be interested in seeing those characters revisited with actual facial expressions.

And that's pretty much it! Not much to say that the pictures can't tell you. Although I do hope that somehow these Cosbabies influence the inevitable Batman movie reboot. Instead of clamouring for a Dark Knight Returns with an older Batman getting back in action, I vote for the new, lighter, funnier movies to be about Baby Batman. He becomes a baby Batman after both parents die during childbirth and a bat get stuck in the bars of his crib. YOU CAN HAVE THAT ONE FOR FREE, HOLLYWOOD!

Baby Batman is the best!

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