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Stryder's Favourite Comics - 8/22/2012

Whenever I get a Batman book, a Flash book and a Superman book in the same week I'm happy!  That means this week and next are both AWESOME!  Let's take a look, shall we?

Batman Incorporated #3 - "You want "Matches"?  Then "Matches" you shall have.  Do I LOOK dead to you?"

The return of "Matches" Malone this month as Batman goes undercover to learn what he can about the movements of the gigantic criminal conspiracy known as Leviathan.  Of course, he's not the only one playing dress-up this issue, as Dick "Nightwing" Grayson reprises his role as Batman in order to sell Bruce's "Matches" character.  Not only that but Damian "Robin" Wayne, whom the world believes assassinated due to the events of last issue, is bored hanging out in the Bat Cave (he's GROUNDED, mister!) and thus gasses Alfred and sneaks out in the guise of a new super hero named Redbird.  The costume is actually pretty cool, but it lacks the iconic "punch" of the Robin costume.  Damian's not nearly as concerned about "iconic punches" as he is with actually physically PUNCHING people though...

OH, Batcow is back, and living in the Bat Cave!!  Love him or hate him, (and I assure you, I fall firmly in the former category!) you have to give Grant Morrison a lot of credit for being creative!  What else can I say except READ THIS BOOK!

If that's not enough for you, check out Superman, Dr. Manhattan, Teen Titans and more after the JUMP!

Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1 (of 4) - "What's in the box?  It's all a matter of perspective.  And perspective can be changed...with the slightest nudge."

This comic promises to be an interesting look between the lines of what happened in the original Watchmen story.  Unlike the other Before Watchmen books, this one is taking iconic scenes from the original and adding bits in-between, with both flashbacks and "in the moment" events to try and further explore the oft-unreachable "humanity", the Dr. Jonathan "Jon" Osterman in Dr. Manhattan.  This is assuming that much, if any, is left.  The story is well done, but I suspect that a lot of fans will see it as sacrilege, as it at least hints at changes to the continuity of the original work.  I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for now...I may disagree with it or not once it's all done, but if nothing else it promises to be both entertaining and thought-provoking.

The Flash #12 - Things are heating up big time for poor Barry this month, as Captain Cold's sister, Lisa "Glider" Snart breaks the Rogues out of jail and takes over the reigns of leadership from her brother, whom she left for dead after he let HER die.  Not that it was his fault, per se, but that's how she sees it I guess.  For that matter, ghost-like abilities aside, Lisa's not really DEAD now, is she?  Regardless, the Rogues are back and under some ambitious new management!  It all spells terrible news for The Flash, as part of Lisa's plan calls for killing Dr. Elias (who's kind of a dick for stealing Flash's idea to restore power to the Gem Cities a few issues back, but probably doesn't deserve to die) and pinning poor Barry with the murder!  It's only one phase of a complicated plan that seems to go off practically without a hitch!  Unless...maybe the good Captain DIDN'T die after all?  Sibling rivalry, here we come!

Superman #12 - If you'll recall last issue, Superman got his ass handed to him by an inter-dimensional  Predator-like lizard alien (as happens from time to time).  This issue begins with the Man of Steel regaining consciousness to find himself hanging upside down in a nuclear power plant while the alien being is building a portal to his home dimension for what are quite possibly nefarious purposes!

Well, of course, Clark can't have that.  Especially when this same alien murdered his way through a Russian research facility and an entire village on his way to this power plant!  This can only mean one thing..Round 2: FIGHT!

Hmmm...careful though, Supes...not everything is always as it appears on the surface...

Teen Titans #12 -
"Your constructs are based on science.  My armour was forged in the fiery womb of a raging sun.  Did you really believe there was a chance to kill me, mortal?"

Cassie "(don't call me) Wonder Girl" Sandsmark has finally failed and let her mystical Silent Armour take control of her reason.  She's tried to kill most of her teammates and, as this issue opens, is giving the powerhouses, Superboy and Red Robin, a run for their money, too.  Interestingly, as the armour takes over, it wants her to be called Wonder Girl...doesn't want to be addressed as "Cassie".  Nice touch!

Add to this already epic battle Cassie's ex-boyfriend, a dude named Diesel, who is able to track Wonder Girl every time she manifests the silent armour.  Now he's caught up and wants the power for himself!  IF Cassie can manage to control the armour at all, she may just end up losing it to him!

All this and we also get the epilogue to the Kid Flash meets the Dino-people story-line from last issue/DC Presents #12.  Basically two of the dino-folk want to use some sort of mutagen to grow more reptile-based humanoids in the sewers, while the third dinosaur dude and Kid Flash want to stop them.  None of them order pizza or shout "Cowabunga" although I'm sure the urge was strong.  Radical!

Batman The Dark Knight #12 - Mind-numbingly creepy Jonathan "Scarecrow" Crane is continuing his diabolical antics this month!  In what looks to be a theme this week, we begin with our hero (Batman this time, rather than Mr. Big-Shot Kryptonian) regaining consciousness whilst tied to a wall.  Turns out that all of the kidnapping (up to and including that of Commissioner Gordon) Scarecrow was doing last issue was just to attract the attention of the Bat in order to run some "experiments".  Cue a fascinating character study into not only the psyche of Bruce Wayne, but also that of the Scarecrow himself!

One note...when Batman comes to at the beginning of the issue, he's stripped to the waist except for his cowl.  Scarecrow says "I undressed you.  Hope you don't mind.  Couldn't remove the mask though.  Some sort of clever locking contraption."  I just thought it nice that they threw in an explanation...I mean, if I had access to an unconscious Batman, I'd HAVE to take a look...I can't see Dr. Crane restraining himself...

Anyway, I'm not giving much of the plot away here, I realize, but take it from me...adding Gregg Hurwitz as writer for this comic has definitely turned it around!  Can't wait to see what's next!

Well, that's it then....another week's comics in the books!  Luckily, tomorrow's New Comic Book day will bring us more excitement as DC releases a bunch of Annuals!  Let's see, there's Detective Comics Annual #1, Superman Annual #1, The Flash Annual #1 and Green Lantern Annual #1.  Oh, and we get new issues of  Aquaman and Justice League too!  Not too shabby!  

Of course I wrote a new Stryder's Dementia for you to amuse yourself while we wait! 

I think that's everything then!  Have a lovely week all my friendly neighbourhood geeks!  Do something nice for a stranger and make Batman proud!  Just don't get shot.  Peace and love folks...Bye!

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