Monday, September 10, 2012

Super Hexagon Will Eat Up Your Time and Destroy Your Mind. (It's That Good)

It feels like just Friday I played Super Hexagon for the very first time… I lasted about 2 seconds total before the incoming walls crushed me to death. But I tried again, and again, and soon enough 4 hours had passed and I was in the top 1000 players in the world with a high score of about 30 seconds.

This video is pretty close to real time:

Terry Cavanaugh's Super Hexagon is probably my favorite iOS (iPhone/iPad) app to date. It has very simple intuitive controls (touch the right side of the screen to move clockwise, touch the left side to move counter-clockwise), it's very addictive, and has a perfect fast restart (tap anywhere on the screen). It also features the amazing music of Chipzel that will never get old.

More insanity after the jump.

The entire goal of Super Hexagon is to see how long you can last. You play as a tiny triangle surrounded by the crushing walls of a hexagon. It's absolutely mind-bending (and eventually mind-numbing?) as you watch the screen spin in every direction all at once. After an hour of practice, you'll hit the 20 second mark and the hexagon changes shape and completely messes with you. It shape shifts into a pentagon (although the awesome classic voiceover says "Triangle!", which messes with you even more). If you can hit the 30 second mark, you'll get a second or two of freedom before insanity sets in. There is a point in every game where I forget my left from my right, forget what I was doing, and slam into a wall that was nowhere near me.

Over many, many hours in just 4 days, but feels like an eternity, I have reached a high score of 71 seconds and made it into the top 250 in the word. It feels an accomplishment in dexterity and a taste of madness, but that combination keeps me coming back for more.

I can't recommend this app enough. If you like super-classic Atari-era video games, fast paced high-score time trials, and solid 8-bit music, you need to pick up Super Hexagon right now. It's currently on sale for 99 cents and normally $2.99. Well worth it.

There is also a free to play flash version available here:

Tell us your high scores! Here's mine:

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