Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: Hot Toys DX05 Indiana Jones!

I was fooled into thinking that my Indiana Jones fever had gone into remission, but with the recent Blu-ray boxset release of all four (Yes! FOUR!) Indiana Jones movies, my temples are already burning for adventure!

And what better way to celebrate than with Hot Toys DX05 Indiana Jones 1/6th scale figure capturing Indy’s iconic appearance in Raiders of the Lost Ark? This figure was originally released last year but is now in my eager, clammy, adventure-hungry hands thanks to our awesome friends at Sideshow Collectibles! I have him and, trust me, there’s so much lurking inside his giant box that I desperately need to tell you about.

Every Hot Toy is a work of art but the deluxe DX line represents the apex of 1/6th scale collecting. Packed with more detail, more accessories and, in this case, an impressive mini diorama, the DX figures always manage to exceed my, already ridiculously high, expectations. Indy came packed in a box so large, heavy and ominous that I was convinced that malevolent spirits were going to fly out of it and melt off my unsuspecting face!

Join me after the jump and we will open it up!

I actually resisted doing too much research about what was inside. I knew it would be great and I wanted to be surprised. And it’s certainly the largest Hot Toys package that I’ve seen to date - easily twice the width of a regular figure and deceptively deep.

Secured by magnets, the front panel opens up like a book to reveal our first (of many) layers. 

We have a bit of info on Indiana Jones (hates snakes, named after the dog, plunders tombs and ladies) and an old skool map (which is removable) illustrating the adventure of the lost ark (or as I like to call it: Ghostbox 360).

Excavate a little further and we discover the figure itself, embedded safely in a thick layer of custom cut foam.

Indy has eight extra hands, four gloved and four bare, posed to hold guns, crack whips, punch Nazis, and break hearts...

And here’s the first lot of accessories, protected in a sealed tray... 

He has two pistols (one American, one German?), a belt, holster, his satchel (man-bag), his carefully weighed bag of sand (for artifact appropriating), his leather whip, and a journal (“Dear Diary... today I totes pwned those stupid natives and stole all their lootz. LOL”). All of them have the minute attention to detail that we’ve grown to expect. Pistol chambers slide open, the journal has actual pages. It’s just like real life but really, really tiny.

But this is Indiana Jones we’re talking about so let’s dig even deeper! Underneath is another block of custom foam containing these rare treasures...

What does all that stuff do? Take it easy, kid. We’ll reveal that in a moment.

But first, let’s take a look at the basic figure. 

He has his own branded stand, but you may not need it thanks to those things that we just revealed but aren’t going to talk about yet. ISN’T THIS FUN AND MYSTERIOUS!

As always the costume is incredibly accurate and detailed and he has an amazing life-like head sculpt and paint. And if you need a reminder, do check out Raiders of the Lost Ark again because, having watched it myself in the last couple of days, I was shocked at how young Ford looks in that film. This figure is definitely that younger version of the character and his face shape reflects that. It might be a little jarring if you’re used to grizzled, scowling, modern day Ford (who is still amazing!), but take a trip back to where it all began. I’m happy to say that the chin scar is present and accounted for.

But it’s the added extras that I really want to talk about. Indy is packed with two different HAIR sculpts. The front of his hair is attached to the face, but the back is seamlessly attached with magnets and can be removed and replaced with an alternate hair sculpt. Why would anyone do go to such lengths? It’s all because of his iconic hat. In these pictures we are seeing his fuller, unhindered hair for when he is hatless, but he also has confined, flatter hair designed to fit snugly under his trusty hat.

And it should also be noted that the DX Indy has the PERS eyes (Parallel Eyeball Rolling System) much like the Jack Nicholson Joker I reviewed previously. The eyeballs are separate sculpted pieces inside the head, giving them a realistic look and sheen, and when you remove the hair piece you can shift the position of the eyes using a hidden lever. This allows the figure to look left or right, and it actually creates a very subtle but noticeable change of his expression.

And here’s Indy all kitted out...

The hat adds so much when it comes to capturing Indy’s look, and for me it really brings this figure to life. (Not literally. That’d be way creepy). (And then way awesome). (Until he plundered my stuff).

Also added here are his additional belt which houses his holster and whip. Hot Toys have used tiny magnets for all the fastenings which at this miniscule size are far less frustrating that clasps or press studs. Bravo. Magnets always work. Some may find them repellant but I’ve always been attracted to them. I’ll be here all night.

Look at that awesome, ragged whip! I have no idea what it’s made of (could be wookiee pelts for all I know) but it looks and feels like leather. In fact all of the accessories seem very authentic. I’ve stored his journal (“Dear Diary... so Hitler is totally trying to jack a box full of ghosts. WTF?!”) in his manbag which also seals shut with glorious magnets.

But there’s still so much more! Indy is packed with a whole other costume! Let’s get all Arabian up in this piece! Here’s Indy in his Well of Souls outfit, complete with the mysterious Staff of Ra!

I have to admit, I felt a little weird/disrespectful undressing Indiana Jones (even though it was only his jacket) in order to put this on him. It looks great, but I had some difficulty with his turban. The wrapped up fabrics are a mess of stitches and one piece at the front was hanging loose and was difficult to successfully tuck away for the photos. 

Once you manage it he looks straight out of the film, but I can’t really imagine why you would choose to display him this way instead of in his classic adventure clothes. Unless of course you buy two. Go on, buy two! Sideshow will love me!

The head of the staff has the same inscription as the film, including the sneaky takeback on the reverse. Awesome accessory but is destined to go back in the box for now.

Okay now it’s finally time to tackle these things. These things blew me away...

Put it all together and we have the vine-covered stone pedestal that house the golden fertility idol from the opening of the film. And if that’s not enough for you, it also has it’s own stand and a large cardboard printed backdrop to complete the effect...

This setup is huge. I’m thoroughly impressed but I have one minor personal gripe. It’s too tall to fit on the shelf of an IKEA Detolf glass cabinet! And if you image search Hot Toys collections you’ll soon discover that the ol’ Detolf is the weapon of choice for many a collector. It’s an outstanding diorama but a total Sweden fail. 

So I’ll be displaying him in my cabinet with this pedestal but without the cardboard backdrop, which is a good enough compromise considering the amount of space it takes up anyway. Oh - but here’s something I realised only after changing him back out of his Arabian clothes. The backdrop is reversible! 

In fact even the pedestal stand has a reversible floor (not pictured) to create the Well of Souls diorama. I didn’t have the heart to undress Indy all over again but you can at least imagine how great that would look. But for now... back to the classic version...

With careful lighting and the sandbag in hand, it really is like looking at a scene from the film. If you were really there. And were giant.

This is a highly recommended centerpiece for the Indiana Jones fan/collector. It’s the best part, of the best film, from the best collectibles team, right up there on my shelf! You can’t ask for much for than that. (Unless they make a Mola Ram... ). I love it!

You can grab your very own Hot Toys DX05 Indiana Jones from Sideshow’s site: Indiana Jones - DX Series


  1. Stellar figure! Maybe it's time for me to finally jump into collecting high-end (non-transforming) figures...hmmmm

  2. I'm able to display my background/backdrop inside the detolf with no problem