Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stryder's Favourite Comics - 2/6/2013

Welcome to February!  The bad news is that a few of the comics we were expecting got pushed back this week, including Grant Morrison's double-sized finale in Action Comics #17.  The good news is that he's decided he needed double the space and will now write both issue #17 and Action Comics #18 - both double-sized!  I dunno about you but I'm willing to wait for twice the Grant Morrison!

Anyway, the big news this week is the new creative team and new direction on Green Arrow!  Let's check it out:

Green Arrow #17 - "I was Oliver Queen.  I was the Green Arrow.  But now I'm no one."

The brand new creative team of writer Jeff Lemire and artist Andrea Sorrentino debut on this month's Green Arrow and it makes a huge and immediate difference to the tone and quality of the book!  If you were ever thinking of jumping onto the Emerald Archer's title, now is definitely the time, as it looks like a whole new beginning for Oliver Queen.  Everything he's ever had is snatched brutally away from him, leaving him with nothing but his broken spirit and a mystery...a mystery revolving around Oliver's dead father and a mysterious figure known only as Komodo.

Both the art and the writing in this title take a huge leap in a completely different, and in my opinion, far superior direction for the character!  For the first time since the New 52 began, I am pretty curious about what's going to happen to Oliver!  If Green Arrow suddenly starts getting cool again, and with Hal Jordan "dead", who am I going to mock?

Detective Comics, Earth 2 and more after the JUMP!

Detective Comics #17 - "I'm giving you a shot to take down Batman.  And you freaks have to ask yourselves...what would Joker do?"

Last month Batman was doing damage control in Gotham City, taking out the assorted freaks and crazies that came out to do violence simply because the Joker's reared his ugly, rotting face.  The worst of these are a group calling themselves the League of Smiles, and led by a wannabe super-villain known as the Merrymaker.   This month (in a sort-of unadvertised "Death of the Family" tie-in) Batman begins the hunt for the League of Smiles, investigating their mysterious leader and trying to find the way to take them out of the picture before their body count starts rising as astronomically as that of their insipid inspiration!  They don't call  our hero the World's Greatest Detective for nothing though, as he discovers the truth about the Merrymaker! 

The Phantom Stranger #5 - "You know me, Stranger--maybe better than I know myself.  After all--you created me."

It's the Phantom Stranger versus the Spectre in Gotham City as the Stranger desperately seeks to learn what happened to his "family" last issue...his alter-ego, Phillip Stark's family, rather.  We're still unclear on if they are really exactly the same person or how any of that works.  Regardless, the Stark family is gone and the Stranger is pissed!!

Of course, the battle for answers grows more complicated as both Terrance Thirteen and The QUESTION become involved!  What could all of this possibly mean??  Strange events are just beginning to take shape over the horizon...events that may shake the entire DCU!

Earth 2 #9 - "It's a dangerous, scary world...I understand you not wanting to get involved..."

the new "wonders" of Earth 2 are really just a bunch of amateurs with no idea of what's going on...no clear leaders or sense of cohesion whatsoever!  This might be okay, if it weren't for the ever-present threat of another invasion from Apokolips, on top of what Hawkgirl describes as a mysterious "great evil" coming in the future...apparently foretold by our newest character, Khalid, who possesses (but hasn't yet shown us) the magical Helm of Nabu, which I suppose grants the wearer magical abilities at the cost of, well, his sanity for starters (*cough*Dr. Fate*cough*)...

Meanwhile, Jay "The Flash" Garrick decides to just check in on his mother and make sure she knows he's alive...great plan, when secret government agents and their pet "wonder", The Atom, are shadowing you!  Talk about a home-wrecker party...

Worlds' Finest #9 - "Trouble in paradise.  Not even a clean outfit to wear..."

Helena "Huntress" Wayne has been rehabilitating on Power Girl's private island after having been recently injured.  Sadly, there's no time for broken bones to mend, as the island's raided by high-tech thieves wearing power armour and toting some pretty futuristic weaponry!  No problem though, The Huntress has one good arm and a brick! Uhhh...well, it helps to have a Kryptonian best friend...

We also have a b-plot flashback in this issue, wherein we learn the origin of the Huntress' armour and weaponry, amongst other things!  Apparently custom-made triple-weave Kevlar outfits and hand-fired crossbows don't just come on sale at the local mall...even in Metropolis!

And that's it for yet another week's worth of comics!  Short but sweet!  Don't forget about New Comic Book day tomorrow...the much-anticipated release of the GRAND FINALE of "Death of the Family" is released tomorrow in Batman #17!!  I suspect it will be touched upon in Batman and Robin and Batgirl as well, also both out tomorrow, along with lots of other titles.  Come back next week and I'll tell you all about them!

In the meantime, I'm once again talking about a song I used to hear a lot over at Stryder's Dementia...take a look!

Have a great week!  Don't worry...February can't last forever!

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