Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last Minute Valentine's Day Cards!

It just turned Valentine's Day here on the US East Coast, and it's already halfway over in Australia and other weird future places, but YOU STILL HAVE TIME!

Do you have a printer? (Probably not)

Does it have ink? (Definitely not!)

Here are some awesome printable / facebookable last minute Valentine's Day cards to give to your friends / enemies / lovers / all of the above.

Lemmy Valentine by Steff Bomb
Fully printable valentine (with Motorhead quote inside) at:
A few more last minute valentines after the jump.

Arrested Development valentines by Marisa Seguin
Many more at:

Wes Anderson valentines by Jennifer Lewis
(who also has the best watermark ever)
Many more at:
And if you have enough time, you could always bust out the good old Lego bucket. It's not Valentine's Day without a handmade heart-shaped spaceship, right?

Lego Valentine Spaceship by Mark Anderson
More images at:

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