Friday, March 1, 2013

David Brent Returns To The Office March 15th!

For this years Red Nose Day (Comic Relief's biannual charity telethon event) Ricky Gervais is bringing David Brent back to The Office, 10 years after the show ended.

We've seen David pop up a few times in recent years so we at least know that he wasn't dead or anything... but from the looks of it his career was pretty much dying. Now he's following his passion and managing musicians, even trying to incorporate some rap into his political reggae song, Equality Street.

I can't wait to see this, and can't imagine this will end well. I have high hopes for some cameos from the original series (particularly Gareth and Keith) and even if this is as terrible as my mega-fan wife predicts it will be, I don't think a charity mini-episode could impact or taint the original series. I would be happy to get one more solid David Brent quote out the episode to hold me off for the next few years. We shall see!

The teaser video cannot be embedded, so here's a link:

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