Friday, March 29, 2013

Join The Realm!

You are no doubt aware that we are mere days away from the return of Game of Thrones, and as if the excitement and interest among fans wasn't already huge, HBO have set up a house sigil generator so we can MAKE OUR OWN HOUSE SIGILS. If that isn't the best thing you've heard in the last few days, then you must lead a very exciting life. Why aren't you out skydiving right now?

Anyway, this thing is fun. A lot of fun. You can check it out at Join The Realm, but good luck trying to make something better than MY house sigil:

Batnicorns. I wanted to still keep the Baratheon feel, but Batnicorns are pretty much 1000% better than deer. Head below the cut to see what pop culture favourites I was able to stretch the limited palette to encompass.

You have 18 colours to play around with, 6 background choices, and a bunch of logos. Even better is that you can have multiple logos and layer them, which came in very handy for this one:

A solid red circle under a white circle outline under a solid blue circle under a star. Probably blowing my load by putting this one first, cause it's my favourite, but still. I did a Black Widow one with multiple layers and it took me ages but ended up looking pretty crappy, so I ditched it.

And how about our favourite Panem heroes? Well, 'favourite', I included that boring sap Peeta as well. Finnick Odair is where it's at in those books.

And we can't forget our favourite douchebag Fantastic Four member, and Gotham's angry, rich orphan.

I spent far longer doing all of those than I'd care to admit, but it sure was FUN. Be sure to send us a link with your own house sigil in the comments, we'd love to see them!

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