Monday, March 25, 2013

PAX East 2013: Krosmaster Arena - A Stunning Anime Miniatures Game!

Kickstarter had a huge presence at PAX East. There was a Kickstarter room where you could play and purchase successful Kickstarter projects. There were Kickstarter panels with staff and successful project creators. And the biggest success story of all was probably Cards Against Humanity, which dominated the event with giveaways in the official swag bags, a massively sold out panel, and people everywhere playing the game.

Along with this, there were lots of designers, developers, and publishers showing their games off and promoting their active Kickstarter projects. I was one of them! Another was Japanime Games, with their stunning anime miniatures battle game, Krosmaster Arena.

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I've been eyeballing Krosmaster Arena on Kickstarter for a few weeks now, obsessed with the chibi-styled miniatures, as well as the simplistic cut out trees that fill out the game board. And after turning a random corner at PAX, I saw the game set up on display. I have to say that it looks just as good in person, if not better. The miniatures are amazing, and come painted! They come painted because this is more like a toy line than your standard board game. Collectible figure sets will be available with smaller versions of the game, making this almost the Skylanders of board games.

The game is available on Kickstarter for another few weeks, but special rewards are selling out. The base game is $75, but for $!00 you can get a bonus promo and extra trees and bushes. For $150 you get all of that plus the first 3 expansions that retail for $28 each. It keeps going up to $500 where you get everything PLUS an oversized figure. These are REALLY close to selling out and I want one!

Krosmaster Arena on Kickstarter:

Play Krosmaster Arena online:

Click through the jump for more images from PAX as well as a gameplay video.

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