Monday, March 4, 2013

Lead Up To Oz Comic Con Perth

Oz Comic Con is nearly upon us in Perth, starting on the 9th March and finishing on the 10th March. I just looked at the schedule and tried to plan my days around the election, sleep and a million things I want to do and see. Armed with my VIP pass and my schedule I am amped for the guests part of the convention. Join me under the jump for a look at which guests I want to see and what you need to know about them as well as some cool things you might want to check out.

I love going to conventions for the overall experience. I love the stalls and the cosplay and the costumes and the talks. I love meeting new people who are interested in what I am interested in, and I find that for me, meeting these people happens in autograph lines and at panels. I also enjoy the work of a lot of the guests who attend these conventions and rather than any desire to engage with them because they are famous, I like seeing who they are as people. If they are no good, not interesting, don’t have interesting pursuits outside of their acting lives, or interesting personalities then I am just not interested.

Many of the guests who are attending Oz Comic Con Perth I have seen before, so this time I can take more of a strategic view of what I want to see as opposed to what I need to see, giving me more time to look at stalls, attend panels and take photographs of people in costume.

There are two big ticket names for this convention to discuss first; Richard Dean Anderson and William Shatner.

Richard Dean Anderson is not only MacGyver but is also Col. Jack O’Neill in Stargate SG1. Stargate SG1 is a big deal for me and RDA is an exciting guest. If you are interested in Stargate in particular there is a lot here for you, RDA IS basically Jack O’Neill, especially when it comes to his humour. What you might also be interested in is his work with the Sea Sheppard. He is an activist and passionate about protecting the oceans. He also loves fishing.

William Shatner is of course James Kirk on Star Trek and the side splitting Denny Crane on Boston Legal. This guy has a presence and from what I can also tell, is interested in wine and politics. I’m trying to work out of Shatner is actually like Denny Crane or just a really underrated actor. His work on Boston Legal is genius if the latter case is correct.

I’ve seen RDA before and can recommend him as a top bloke. Haven’t seen Shatner before so it remains to be seen, but surely, these are two you want to pencil in for talks.

Two Sanctuary guests are attending this year. For those unaware, Sanctuary is a 4 season sci-fi series co-created by Stargate SG1’s Amanda Tapping who was originally slated to appear at the convention. Robin Dunne plays Will, Amanda Tapping’s second in command and a brilliant psycho-analyser. Emilie Ullerup plays her daughter Ashley. The basic premise is that these people work under Helen Magnus (Tapping) providing sanctuary for all those creatures that go bump in the night.

I’ve seen Robin before and he is hilarious and fun, I am hoping as much fun with Emilie as he is with Amanda. I am pretty excited about seeing what Emilie has to offer. I liked her character on the show a lot and I have a feeling she will have some interesting stories to share.

Jason Momoa of Stargate Atlantis fame, but most recently seen as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and the new Conan, will be making an appearance. I have missed his talks in the past while waiting in line and the VIP Stargate panels are always really good fun. It’s a strange mix this year with David Nykl (Atlantis) and Teryl Rothery (SG1) rounding out the panel. They are both fun, but all of them have very different roles in the show, different humours and different levels of connection with the fans. It’ll be interesting. I know Teryl’s humour, if nothing else, is worth it and I am keen to hear about her new show Cult. I’m more interested in Momoa’s Stargate stories, I really think we’ve heard all we are going to or need to hear about his role in Game of Thrones.

Colin Ferguson, lead of the well loved Eureka will also be attending, and I hear he’s a really funny guy. I liked Eureka so I am happy to go along to his panel, but he is also starring in the new Canadian series Primeval: New World which may be of interest. As a friend recently said, what cannot be made better with dinosaurs?

Aaron Ashmore, star of Smallville, Veronica Mars and apparently more recently, Warehouse 13, is coming. I can’t say that I loved Smallville very much, I haven’t seen Warehouse 13 yet and Aaron only played a small part in Veronica Mars, but I have been following the Ashmore twins since I was a young kid and I am keen to see how working as twins in the industry has been for them.

Callum Blue is back, after attending Supanova last year, and if you get a chance to see him he can be good value. His series Dead Like Me is what I am really interested in. His character Mason was genius, and he was genius in the role. He’s also appeared in The Tudors and Smallville so there’s something for everyone there.

Finally on the list of people I would like to see at their talks; Gigi Edgely. Yes. I am a Farscape fan. A big Farscape fan. Her performance in that show was superb. I have missed seeing her talk on a number of occasions and I am interested in what she did on that show and where she is now. Especially considering that so many sci-fi/fantasy actors stay in the genre and she seems to have left.

Aside from the actors, I am keen to check out all the stalls and take a million photos of people in costume. I might even dust off one of my own. All of this assumes that voting in the morning is no drama and that I make it in time to buy what I need to buy and see what I want to see. Looking forward to see what the stall owners bring out this time around, especially in the handmade department. I am hanging out for one of those wallets made from old comics!

It’s hopefully going to be a good time! Who/what are you excited to see?

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