Friday, May 31, 2013

Pre-Order Hot Toys Robocop and ED-209!

Your move, Creep! Hot Toys has delved into the Robocop license before, but that was when they were wee fledgling babbies, not the giants of screen-accurate 1/6th scale sculpting that they've become today! I recently re-watched crazy Paul Verhoeven's ultra-violent/satirical original film and I have to say that it still holds up. As a child of the eighties, I have to admit that I'm mighty tempted by Hot Toys' latest offerings.

His father was a man. His mother was a machine. He is half man. Half machine. All cop. Or something. Check it out!

If that's all you need to see, you can pre-order him here from our good friends at Sideshow: RoboCop - Hot Toys RoboCop MMS Diecast Sixth Scale Figure - Hot Toys

Or join me for far more pictures, a mechanical chair, and ED-209... after the jump!

So here he is in all his clunky, servo-squealing robot policeman glory...

Not sure how they're doing the opening thigh holster there. They don't list a swappable part so it may very well be a working mechanism which would be awesome. 

And it should be noted that this is, of course, a diecast metal figure - something Hot Toys has recently introduced with their new Iron Man pre-orders - so he's going to have a convincing shine. Definitely one to display under lights.

You may notice that his expression has been changing from photo to photo. Here he is doing an adorable kissy face...

This looks to be the same switchable magnetic faceplate technology that they use under Batman's cowl on those figures. Looks like there are four mouths included. It's just a shame that there doesn't appear to be a removable helmet - so no Peter Weller sculpt this time. Although he has very recognisable lips.

Which is a good thing, because this figure talks! Has Hot Toys ever done that before? Let's hope he also eats and wets. Here are the phrases that you can expect to be droning out of Murphy's mouth...

No "Your move, Creep", but at least there's a "Dead or alive, you're coming with me". 

And here's everything that's included. Note the battle damaged helmet and chest and OCP base.

But wait! There's more!

If you're a hardcore Robocop fan then you may want to deposit the extra ducats and secure yourself this super deluxe set that comes complete with his mechanical chair! This is the clunky eighties docking station that charges his batteries and pumps him full of baby food.

It has light up features but I'm not sure what it does beyond that. Besides look amazing as a display option. Look! Murphy's having one of those dreams again...

It does point out that there is a remote control for the sound system, however, which is a far more appealing option than reaching in with your ungainly paws to press a button on his butt.

And here's a clean shot of just the chair. This is what going to the dentist in the eighties was like...

And here's everything you get in this set...

It looks to be the exact same figure as before. I would have thought that this set was a prime candidate for an exclusive unhelmeted Murphy head.

You can pre-order it here: 
RoboCop - Hot Toys RoboCop with Mechanical Chair MMS Diecast Sixth Scale Figure - Hot Toys

And last, but certainly not least, is this incredible, to scale, ED-209 - Robocop's growling mech nemesis!

Considering that ED-209 was mostly achieved via stop motion animation in the film, this looks extremely accurate, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's on par with the model they actually used. And an attempt has been made to make him appropriately articulated...

This is a really iconic design for us eighties kids. I'm impressed with all the details.

Like check out all the stuff that's going on with those weapons...

Beautiful! It's like seeing the actual prop!

Time to start clearing a hell of a lot of space. Better grab these before next year's remake spoils it for everybody!

You can pre-order ED-209 here: 
Robocop - ED-209 Hot Toys ED-209 MMS Sixth Scale Figure - Hot Toys

Your move, Creep! Oh crap - I started with that. Never mind.

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