Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New X-Men Days of Future Past Posters Mixes Old With New!

“You like my old stuff better than my new stuff? Well how about I get my new stuff all up in my old stuff and mix it all up into an oldy-new-stuff soup!” That’s probably (not) what director Bryan Singer said when his promo team put together these first posters for 2014 X-Men sequel Days of Future Past! But it is a welcome (and admittedly striking) glimpse of what happens when you take the old versions of these iconic movie characters (which ironically are from the future) and mix them with the younger versions of these iconic movie characters (which are confusingly from the past).

Do you remember Conan O’Brien’s classic comedy segment If they Mated which took two celebrities and showed what their hybrid offspring might look like? Well if you locked Ian McKellan and Michael Fassbender in a room until they created a Magneto babby, the result might be this Mikian McFasskellbendan!

Oh, I’m not stopping there! I got another one for you... after the jump!

While The Fass and McKells might convincingly mash together, this next one isn’t quite so successful - but it’s a cool concept nonetheless. (Especially the giant “X”).

So if Patrick Stewart’s old Professor X drank too much sherry and bedded dreamy James McAvoy’s hairier young Professor X then nine months later you might be faced with the startling visage of this Professor Jamtrick McStewarvoy!

That's why they call them mutants, I guess!

Are you excited about getting your old stuff up inside something new?

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