Friday, July 26, 2013

Star Wars Black Series Wave 2: Images and Pre-Order Info!

Pre-order info has been released for Hasbro’s second wave of Star WarsBlack Series” 6 inch figures aimed at the discerning adult collector. (You know, “black label”. Like whiskey. And Penthouse). These are a new scale and have superior articulation and screen accurate sculpting. Wave one is only just prepping to his shelves (I hope to review them soon), but here’s your first look at the second group of figures along with info on how to secure them.

Wave 2 is a very solid original trilogy focused line up consisting of Han Solo (A New Hope version), a Greedo (for Han to murder in cold blood), Boba Fett (for Han to unceremoniously knock into a gaping Sarlacc pit) and a Slave Leia (so Han can try to knock up her gaping Sarlacc pit). (This is why Hasbro doesn’t send us anything to review).

More images, plus a glance at some upcoming 3 3/4 figures... after the jump!

First let’s start with the dubiously named “Slave Leia” which showcases everybody’s favourite space princess wearing the gold bikini that she was forced into by a slug. It’s definitely the more salacious choice than the original kitschy white dress and buns version from A New Hope, but I guess it allows for a flashier sculpt at a juncture where Hasbro needs to convince collectors that this new scale is worth their time. 

Just about every licensee has struggled with capturing Carrie Fisher’s likeness - especially at smaller scales, but I must admit that I’m pretty impressed with this one. It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen and, as a fan of the character I’ll definitely pick it up. I’m currently torn on where I stand with my own Star Wars collecting - and I’m far from a completist - but if I was going to pick up a few pieces to try then this would be one of them.

I think that the quality of these new human head sculpts were always going to be the key indicator of whether this line would be a significant enough leap forward to justify both the change in scale and the price hike. Han Solo is instantly recognisable but there’s something about these images (and this may well be just a prototype) that look a little soft in the details to me. The flat paint job really doesn’t help either.

That said, it’s an iconic character in an iconic costume, so he’s a smart to include and a difficult one to skip. There’s also some extra accessories to slightly alter him into scene specific looks, such as the addition of the stormtrooper belt.

Boba Fett is a no-brainer and should be virtually impossible to mess up. An exclusive version was available at SDCC at came packaged with a Han in carbonite. The regular version lacks that giant accessory but I imagine he will still be very popular. Boba Fett would sell even if he was made out of cheese. (You can have that one for free, licensees! Boba Feta?).

And finally Greedo, son of Slotho and Lusto...

I'm surprised how much I enjoy this one! He may be the source of much controversy in the Star Wars universe, and he may have extremely suspect dress sense, but how can you not be endeared by Greedo, Tattooine's shittiest bounty hunter! He rounds out a stellar wave of character choices.

But with all this goodness at once, I have to ask just how long the Black Series can survive? Obviously we still need Chewbacca, Vader, Obi Wan, and C3PO, but how deep will collectors be willing to go? Six inch, super articulated Admiral Ackbar? I'm in, but who else would be? How many people want to pay the extra cash for a hyper gymnastic Yakface? And what about the smaller characters? Jawas? Ugnauts? Ewoks? I'll be interested to see how long this series can last.

Speaking of which some of them are already starting to pre-sellout individually - although you can still pre-order sets if you're quick. Why not sate our pals at Big Bad Toy Store by ordering them here.

And while we're all here, let's look at some "highlights" from the upcoming 3 3/4 scale offerings (also confusingly dubbed the "Black Series". Hasbro has really pulled back on these traditionally scaled figures, focusing mostly on limited articulation, basic versions of the main characters, now specifically aimed at kids.

But some articulated obscure characters are finally starting to surface again, clearly aimed at crotchety oldsters. First up in winner of a recent fan poll, expanded universe character Mara Jade...

How frigging eighties is that mane of hair?? I am not a Mara Jade fan (or really an expanded universe fan for that matter) and think she's one of the more ridiculous characters to spawn from the novels. Do you really believe that the raisin-like Emperor Palpatine REALLY had a secret right hand "man" who was an eighties fire-crotch? Or that she later married Luke Skywalker? Did you ever watch the films and think, "The Empire is suspiciously lacking in women, so I bet that crafty old Emperor has a sexy ginger up his sleeve somewhere. And I bet, that although she works for the most evil man alive, Luke Skywalker will still want to bang her." BULLSHIT.

Speaking of which...

The fans must have been crying out for a super-articulated update of Pablo Jill, the Jedi with a girl's name and an upside down head. Is he smiling or grimacing? Well that all depends on your perspective. This is bizarre enough that I might have to buy it. Did you watch A New Hope and ever think, "I bet that Obi Wan Kenobi used to hang out with an obscene, hairless creature with an upside down head." Or this lady...

This is uh... don't tell me, I know this... and I'm not going to look it up... Luminara Unduli. Right? It's close if it's wrong. She's an OK looking character I suppose although we must have had about two or three versions of her before. Hard to imagine that anyone is crying out for this one.

And I have zero idea what's happening here...

Oh wait, the legs are a giveaway... I THINK this is a realistically styled version of Darth Maul's final appearance in the animated Clone Wars series. Either that or he's going to a pajama party. Still, it's not as weird as these...

Yes! Not only do people still apparently crave Star Wars/Angry Bird mash-ups but they now want prequel trilogy versions too! Because Jar Jar wasn't irritating enough, so hopefully Angry Bird Jar Jar will get everyone extra irritated again. Someone must want these though? Anyone? Hello?

And there, now you're updated. And you didn't need to battle the crowds at SDCC. WIN.


  1. I will definitely be getting Mara Jade. I guess I'm a sucker for redheads. :P And Luke deserves a hot wife too. :)

  2. Hmm....Fact: Han can't possibly knock that Boba into the Sarlacc pit...his gauntlets are green, means that this is the ESB ver. You gotta wait for the 'red gauntlet' Boba fr that Sarlacc Pit re-enactment....heheh.

    Gotta have this 'all-OTC' line-up!