Saturday, August 3, 2013

Big Brother Power Rankings: Week 6

Another week down, another eviction, another surprising power shift. We also had an endurance challenge for the Head of Household this week, so there be spoilers beyond the jump! Be warned!

Next week, by the way, is DOUBLE EVICTION. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. I love Double Eviction. If you've never watched the show before, next Thursday is the day to do it.

* The most surprising thing for this week, I think, was Aaryn holding to her deal with Helen. Following the HOH win for Aaryn, she pledged her nominations to Helen in exchange for safety, and held to it, nominating Spencer and Howard. Those deals don't always hold, but Aaryn seems to know her tenuous position in the House right now and she's making the right alliances when it counts.

* Howard, Candace, and Amanda all had meltdowns this week. I've never seen so many meltdowns on this show, it's ridiculous. Howard's in particular almost certainly lead to his eviction even though he was the target to start. You don't go down 7-1 that easily.

* America's MVP voting has been fascinating with the control of the nomination in play. CBS told us how the MVP votes ranked last week, but not this past week, which implies that Amanda may have actually been the target to start. This will make this week extremely interesting given the HOH situation.

* Speaking of the HOH situation, GinaMarie winning HOH? What!? While I don't expect her to rock the boat, I never expected her to win anything, especially against McCrae and especially in an endurance competition. Weird weird weird.

Anyway, here we go for this week's rankings!

Helen continues to be the main power player in the House. Even if the other houseguests are getting tired of her antics, there doesn't seem to be any sort of groundswell to remove her, either. She's playing a very smart long game right now.

Judd continues to be popular with houseguests and not be high on anyone's radar. He may be in line for his hometown to have another parade sometime soon if he keeps playing as well as he has, but until then...

McCrae has actually improved his lot since last week. With Amanda on the block, it pushed any target on him far, far away, and he might have been able to work out another HOH win if he hadn't slipped and fallen against GinaMarie. As long as he has Amanda in front of him, that will be the target.

Andy is still sitting pretty, which is why he's ranked fourth, but he needs to win something, and quickly. He's so far not made any real case for himself except socially, even though he's not a target and probably won't see the block anytime soon.

I hate giving Aaryn any credit, but she did quite well for herself as HOH, and her only actual ally in the House is HOH this week. She could still end up as the MVP nomination, but who on earth would have thought that she could make it to jury? Absolutely shocking.

Jessie isn't helping or hurting herself at this point, which is a double-edged sword. I wouldn't be shocked if she went up as a pawn this week to help make a case for her/help GinaMarie get some revenge because they don't like each other. We'll see, but compare her to Andy to see the difference between a strong social player and a floater.

GinaMarie surprisingly won HOH, but cannot play in the HOH on double eviction night and has a rather large target on her back? While I anticipate the proceedings next Thursday to be used to get out a Candace/Elissa/Amanda type, don't be shocked if GinaMarie heads out the door next week. Until then, though, we have to give credit to her for winning HOH.

Elissa is in a weird spot. I'm fully convinced she's going to go home soon, but it seems like her target is simply smaller than a few other people's right now. I'm still shocked Aaryn didn't nominate her even as a replacement, but such is the game of Big Brother. The double eviction could prove dangerous for her.

Candace went up as a replacement last week and doesn't have a lot of friends in the House. GinaMarie could target her this week, but Candace might not go home if the other nominations go a certain way.

Amanda, logically, is safe. She has a huge target, but also a strong alliance. On the other hand, America apparently hates her and she can't seem to win anything. I've ranked her this low because I do feel she's in the most overall danger in terms of a double eviction nightmare scenario, but it is more reflective of her overall gameplay.

Spencer won the veto last week and it probably kept him in the game. Spencer and GinaMarie have an understanding of sorts, so he's...probably safe this week, but I don't know if there's much doubt that he's the worst player in the House right now. With Howard gone, he literally has no one to go to. He also can't make any deals between Thursday and the nominations because he "won" a bullhorn he has to speak through. I really thought Spencer would do better than he has.

Double eviction next week! AHHHH!

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