Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

Did you guys hear Grant Morrison's theory on Alan Moore's Batman: The Killing Joke?  He was on Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast.  Really fascinating...check out the relevant bits HERE!  He broke my brain!!

Speaking of Batman...It's another Top 5 comics!  I bought these ones on August 8, 2014:

Batman #23 - "You should never have come back, Bruce."

"Zero Year" continues this month with Bruce Wayne getting beaten and shot and blown up and left for dead by the Red Hood Gang!  This certainly becomes a cross-roads moment for the young vigilante...his "mission" may be over before it's ever begun!  Unless he can come up with an edge...how can he make them FEAR him??  Hmmmm...

The back-up story continues to relate to the main plot by showing an even younger and still-in-training Bruce pit-fighting, of all things!  These continuing explorations of Bruce's "training program" are a treat...it's neat to see the necessary steps to becoming the Bat (not that I have any plans, mind you...)

So overall very cool issue with an interesting and visually stunning re-imagining of a pivotal moment in the Batman mythos (no I'm not going to tell you which one)!  I'm impressed!  So far, "Zero Year" is shaping up to be my favourite arc in this book since the New 52 began!

I've a lot more to say, as always, after the JUMP!

Justice League of America #7 - "Do any of you people ever actually listen to yourselves?"

"Trinity War" continues to shake up the DCU as this issue opens with Lex Luthor, currently incarcerated, learning that Superman may be a murderer!  He doesn't get much time to digest this info, though, as Pandora magically appears in his cell.  She's tried to get Superman (The "purest heart) to open her magical box with crazy results - now she wants Lex to try (the DARKEST heart).  I'm not sure she's thought this all the way through...

Meanwhile, the various Justice Leagues (OG, America and Dark) have mixed and matched members and split up...traveling all about trying to solve this mystery.  Of course, all of this improvising is leaving them awfully open to attack and manipulation by the bad guy...by the end of the issue things are looking pretty grim.  Without giving anything away, there are some pretty severe consequences to face!

I'm loving this story...it's cool seeing the various teams of superheros and eccentric personalities all trying to get along and problem solve.  I really can't wait to see what happens next!

Suicide Squad #23 - "This is so 1984 it hurts.  Neck Bombs!"

This issue the Suicide Squad are sent after Amanda Waller's ex Team 7 teammate John Lynch!  It turns out that Lynch was the one responsible for the security breach at Belle Reve Prison a few issues back that allowed Harley Quinn to escape and negotiate the "New Deal" for the Squad.  Of course a move like that is going to piss Waller off enough to retaliate!

Speaking of the "New Deal" we finally learn exactly what it entails this issue.  Of course, can Waller be trusted to carry it out?  Time will tell...

Sadly, this looks to be the final issue for the creative team of Ales Kot and Rick Leonardi.  They've done an awesome job!  Suicide Squad was the best it's been in the New 52 during their short run!  Hopefully the new team (starting in October after Villain's Month in September) can keep up this awesome pace...

Nightwing #23 - "You Prankster guys are doing wonders for my image around town."

Nightwing has been a really great comic ever since Dick moved to Chicago, and this issue is no exception!  The Prankster is using his flunkies to cause catastrophes all over Chi-town every hour until the Mayor comes clean about his embezzlement and returns the money he (allegedly) stole!  Oh, and of course admit to harboring convicted murderer Tony Zucco!  Nightwing, while also keen on catching Zucco and avenging his parents' deaths, is NOT so big on all the property damage and endangerment of innocent life!  Thus he's running all over town, putting out the fires that the Prankster's started!  And Chicago says it doesn't want any "masks" around...

Cool issue...Kyle Higgins keeps getting better as a writer and I really enjoy Will Conrad's pencils too!  He started as the newest artist on the title last issue and I'm hoping they get to keep him for a really long time!  He's a great fit for Nightwing

Superboy #23 - "Superbarking is a thing, apparently.  Good to know."

Superboy's attending High School!  Not only that, he's brought Krypto the Super Dog with him!!  Just stop and think about that for a minute...

Of course he's not trying to get a diploma.  Superboy has been undercover at the school since last issue, trying to figure out why students at this school keep randomly going berserk and lashing out at the people around them.  Oh, and weird telepathic dwarf Dr. Psycho is there too, supposedly to HELP Superboy...

This issue was just a lot of fun...the "fish out of water" angle of Superboy trying to interact with normal teenagers plays for a lot of amusement, and of course any time Krypto appears in print I'm giving two thumbs up (even if he doesn't wear a cape in the New 52)!  Good work!

Wow is that 5 already?  I didn't even get to Constantine or Worlds' Finest or Batgirl or....oh well, maybe next month...

New Comic Book day tomorrow!!!  I'm looking forward to the next installment of "Trinity War" in Justice League Dark, not to mention new issues of Superman Unchained, Batman and Robin, Red Hood and The Outlaws, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and more!! 

Trying to deal with life in the big city this week over at Stryder's Dementia...or something to that effect...take a look!

All right I guess that wraps up another week!  Take it easy and I'll see you next time.  Peace!

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