Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

A cool side effect of September being "Villain's Month" in the DCU is that all the comics released THIS month either finish off a storyline or end on a larger-than-usual cliffhanger!  Either way, it's an exciting month!

Today's comics were released on August 21, 2013 and were brought to you by the letter D & C and the number 52!

Batman and Robin #23 - "I may have to live with Damian's death, but I don't ever have to accept it."

This month we get "Acceptance", the final chapter of the 5-stages-of-grief arc that began after the brutal death of Damian "Robin" WayneNightwing returns to Gotham City to try and talk some sense into Bruce, who is obsessively trying to win in a virtual reenactment of the battle in which Damian died.  Batman wants to prove that he could have saved his son! 

This is just a really heartfelt and moving issue.  The moments shared between Bruce and his first Robin, Dick, and even more so with the whole family's surrogate father, Alfred Pennyworth are just incredible.  The issue really makes you feel for these characters and their loss.  Pretty crazy and really great for a comic book about a guy dressed like a Bat!

That said, I still hope that Damian is resurrected somehow...someday...

Join me after the JUMP for a look at another four pretty stellar comics!

Wonder Woman #23 - "What's that I smell?  The perfume of hate.  It's on you...sister."

Finally, the inevitable confrontation between Wonder Woman and her half-brother the First Born is here!  Diana and her wacky dysfunctional family of demigods and  mortals returned to London last issue to find that the First Born had more or less taken over, killing his (and WW's) half-brother Lennox in the process.  That can only mean Game On!  Lennox is only the first casualty!

Very cool, status-quo changing issue with implications for the future that could be huge!  Wonder Woman has been a great read since the New 52 began and this issue pays off a LOT of past plot points in a very satisfying way.  Very cool!

Justice League Dark #23 - "I see the real battle at the heart of all this chaos...I see the final battle just beginning."

In this, the penultimate chapter of the "Trinity War", pretty much ALL of our heroes are fighting amongst themselves for possession of Pandora's Box!  The three Justice Leagues had split up to try to solve both the mysteries of the box and the alleged murder of Dr. Light at Superman's hands.  However all of their efforts have served only to make things worse!  Now the Justice League, the Justice League of America and the Justice League Dark are all drawn back together as Pandora's Box comes alive and all but one of our heroes feel it's corrupting influence (Well, "hero" may be too strong for the unaffected party...let's say "character" instead).  Um...anyway all of this activity obviously plays right into the hands of the shadowy Secret Society of villains, who've been about 8 steps ahead the whole time!  What happens next?  I don't know but we'll find out as "Trinity War" concludes in Justice League #23!

Supergirl #23 - "Come, Supergirl.  It's time to make our dreams come true."

Cyborg Superman wants Supergirl's body!  Um...to break down into it's component DNA and use to rebuild himself into the man he used to be, that is (why what did you think?).  Even though poor Kara Zor-El is on death's door due to her advanced state of Kryptonite poisoning, she's still not particularly interested in being used as spare parts for a creepy cyborg on a strange planet!  Who could blame her?  Too bad she doesn't seem to have a choice...

Wow crazy issue!  And I didn't even mention the TWO big reveals!  Even though I'm excited for next month's "Villain's Month" features, it also sucks because I really need to know what happens next!  This one's quite the cliffhanger...

Superman Unchained #3 - " No one expected the prayer to be answered...let alone like that."

Superman has just discovered that he may not be the ONLY alien on Earth that qualifies for the title Man of Steel.  It seems that the United States government have had their very OWN "superman" since 1938, when Wraith arrived on Earth and started working for America in secret.  Clark certainly recognizes this new alien's handler though...Lois Lane's father General Sam Lane!  Now that this secret has been discovered, what comes next?

Meanwhile, as Superman is distracted, Lois is trying not to die in a helicopter crash!  Also, Lex Luthor is in the midst of an extremely clever jailbreak! Man you just can't leave these supporting characters alone for a minute!  Cool issue!  Snyder and Lee, going 3 for 3!

ANNND that'll do for another week!  What about next week?  Well, New Comic Book day is tomorrow and there's a LOT coming out...the finale of "Trinity War" in Justice League #23, plus new Aquaman, The Flash, Teen Titans, Batman/Superman and more!  It's going to be another week where it's hard to pick just 5!

IN the meantime, I posted some pics and thoughts from FanExpo Toronto over at Stryder's Dementia this week!  Take a look!

What?  That's all I got...why don't you go outside and play for a bit?  I'm gonna go have a sandwich.  Peace!

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