Friday, August 30, 2013

Big Brother Power Rankings: Hitting the Home Stretch

Well, the hope last week would be for a lot of excitement in the House, and it didn't disappoint. We have a new eviction, a surprise new Head of Household, and a double eviction on the platter for next week, so let's get right down to it.

NOTE: There are spoilers for this week's Head of Household beyond the jump. If you want to refrain from being spoiled, check back Sunday!

So, Elissa ran the House pretty much as she wanted, and targeted Amanda and McCrae, but did so very poorly, nominating McCrae and Aaryn with Aaryn as her basic target. Of course, what happens? Amanda wins the veto, pulls McCrae off, making Andy the replacement nomination to ensure Aaryn's demise.

What made this interesting was not so much that we saw the first challenge to Amanda and McCrae, but the aftermath, where Amanda pretty much made Elissa's life a living hell for days on end. Very cutting insults, threats, you name it. Some of the nastiest stuff the show has ever seen, and she went so over the top that Andy bailed on the alliance that he was in with them and joined up with Judd, GinaMarie, and Spencer.

Aaryn is evicted, and Julie Chen has a chance to address the racism issues:


So, the new Head of Household? GinaMarie! Coming through in the clutch, she will almost certainly target Amanda and McCrae as the biggest problems in the House, which will almost certainly cause a great deal of drama. And with the double eviction coming about, we could see both leave within an hour of each other. Craziness...

So the updated power rankings...

Andy is like teflon in this game currently. Went up solely as a pawn, still has the trust of two people who don't know he's bailed, and is well-liked by everyone. I would be shocked if he's not final three at this rate.

GinaMarie not only won an important HOH, but has really made a case for herself in the last week, successfully detaching from Aaryn without getting a target on her back and recognizing the power in the House and moving in the right direction. Her HOH win (now she's the only person in the House with multiple HOH wins, interestingly enough) earlier this season was hilarious, and this should be no different.

Spencer has been so patient and so go-along with everyone that it's paid a lot of dividends. He's guaranteed to be the most nominated player ever, but he's almost certain to be final four, and I might think he'll end up in a better place than GinaMarie when it comes down to having to split from his alliance in the end. Interesting stuff.

Judd did a lot of good this week, from the "clean slate" commentary to basically being on everyone's good side. I'm skeptical of his current staying power, but a good week this week would go far for him.

Elissa broke up the big power alliance in the House and again got her target out. She's annoying as all hell and she has no allies left, though, so she's third on the target list, maybe second.

McCrae will be nominated this week with Amanda, and will go home if Amanda doesn't first. Assuming he doesn't win the veto, and assuming he doesn't win HOH or veto next week, I fully expect him to be out of the House by this time next week. An epic collapse of his game, all because of...

...Amanda, who needs a miracle to stay in this house this week, up to and including a veto win. Of course, if she wins veto, McCrae probably goes home, and the same problem applies to her as it does him. Expect McCranda to be in the jury house a week from now.

A crazy week and double eviction? This is why I'm addicted to Big Brother.

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