Tuesday, October 8, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

October is here and with a new month comes new comics!  Villain's Month is over and it's back to our beloved on-goings once again.  However, the Forever Evil miniseries (along with it's various tie-ins) will carry on until March!  Any comic not tied into that is presumed to be taking place before the events of Forever Evil.  Just something to keep in mind...

Today I'm looking at comics released on October 2, 2013:

Forever Evil #2 (of 7) - "If the Justice League lost to these guys, what can the Teen Titans possibly do?"

The evil Earth 3 version of the Justice League, known as the Crime Syndicate, have defeated our heroes and taken over our Earth!  However, they aren't completely without opposition...there's still the Teen TitansRed Robin, Superboy and the gang head to the fallen Watchtower (destroyed satellite HQ of the League) to try and somehow confront the Crime Syndicate and rescue Nightwing!  You may recall he was captured in issue #1...even worse, his secret identity as Dick Grayson has been revealed to the World!  How can the Teen Titans possibly counter that? 

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is also making plans to confront the Crime Syndicate...he's not one to let ANY "alien" walk over him, whether it be Superman or his evil opposite, Ultraman!  Also, there's some intrigue within the Syndicate itself.  Owlman and Superwoman have a secret that will definitely provoke the ire of Ultraman if he finds out!  Can you think of a worse person to keep secrets from than an evil, angry version of the Man of Steel??

But enough about evil!  My top 4 more "virtuous" titles after the JUMP!

Green Arrow #24 - "Right now all I care about is trying to reteach myself how to aim my damn bow."

Finally, Oliver Queen has come BACK...to Seattle!  Green Arrow and friends make their way home after rescuing Shado from Count Vertigo, only to find that their problems have followed them around the world!  Count Vertigo has come to Seattle and is wrecking havoc in the streets, calling out Green Arrow and seeking revenge!  Unfortunately, Ollie is still wounded from their previous encounter, with a burst eardrum stopping him from being able to aim his bow or even walk normally!

Well, Shado had been locked up and tortured by the Count for quite some time, it seems...perhaps SHE would like a crack at saving the city??  After all, she is one of the three mysterious "Dragons"...

All of that and TWO new, surprising characters revealed this month in yet another amazing issue!  Great writing, brilliant artwork...this book is consistently awesome!  AND this issue is a really excellent jumping on point, too!  Go buy it!

Detective Comics #24 - "The entire Gotham City Police force is feeling my wrath.  Painfully.  Slowly.  And it will be the last thing they feel."

The Wrath, a mysterious armoured criminal with a grudge against Gotham's Finest, finally unleashes his master plan this month!  With one fiendish stroke, he's managed to endanger the lives of nearly every police officer in Gotham!  With both resources and training to rival the Dark Knight, Wrath may be impossible to beat!  Of course, Batman doesn't know the meaning of the WORD "impossible"!  It's not even in the spell-check on the Bat-Computer.  I checked!

Cool issue and a great conclusion to the ongoing story, with some setup to take us into the future!  I keep getting more and more impressed with this title every month, as Layman and Fabok seem to get better with every issue!  The artwork this month, in particular, is the best yet!  I still think Jason Fabok draws the best Utility Belt in the DCU!  Not to mention all the other tech and cool stuff...very nice!

Green Lantern #24 - "The Green Lantern Corps has maintained order throughout the Universe for millenia.  We're protectors, not destroyers."

The Green Lantern Corps is in bad shape here as part one of a five part crossover called "Lights Out" begins!  All of the corps have been having problems with their central power batteries lately.  They've been having some "power failures" so to speak.  Now the beings that live inside the batteries and embody the colour of their emotional spectrum have all left "to go home and die"!?!

Simultaneously, Relic arrives to destroy all of the "lightsmiths" as he calls them, claiming that their use of the emotional spectrum energy is destroying the universe!  Hal Jordan, along with Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Killowog, Salaak, Carol Danvers, a wounded Saint Walker and a handful of New Guardians and Green Lantern cadets must attempt to stop Relic from shutting down their Power Battery, and Oa, permanently!  Hey, at least Hal and Carol are actually in the same solar system for once...maybe those crazy kids can finally work things out?  Yeah right...

Anyway, this is a pretty intriguing first issue and premise for "Lights Out" and I'm excited to see where it goes!  Part two will be out this Wednesday in Green Lantern Corps #24!

Earth 2 #16 - "The World Army's invasion of Dherain began at 10:17 am..."

Everything comes to a head this month on Earth 2 as the World Army invades the nation of Dherain!  This nation was recently taken over by Darkseid's general, Steppenwolf, who rules with an iron fist!  He has help, of course, from his "furies"...a team of 3 massively powerful metahumans with a love of chaos and a thirst for blood!  The World Army...well, they have numbers on their side, I guess.

So there are some MAJOR plot points and reveals happening in this issue, and the fall-out is something that I'm sure is gonna be dealt with for quite some time.  I'm not gonna say anything more about it, but wow!  The implications for the future of this series are vast!  Cool issue! 

Well, that's my 5 for the week!  Oh, I gotta give an honourable mention to Action Comics #24 too...the Psi-War story is ongoing and really cool!  Superman vs. Psycho Pirate!!

Let's not forget that tomorrow is New Comic Book Day!  I'm super excited for the next issue of Batman and the continuation of "Zero Year"!  I also can't wait to read Superman/Wonder Woman #1!!  Oh, and Forever Evil: Arkham War!  Wow, big week...and that doesn't even count new issues of Superboy, Nightwing, Worlds' Finest, Constantine, and so many more!  I love New Comic Book day!

I take a look at what (if anything) I've accomplished this year at Stryder's Dementia this week!  Can you believe 2013 is 3/4 over?  Come for the picture of a pretty girl, and stay for the picture of a pretty girl!

Have a good week everybody!  Peace!

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