Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Perth Monopoly Launch

A Perth version of the board game classic, Monopoly, was launched this morning. I was lucky enough to be invited along to the reveal at iconic Perth landmark Fremantle Prison.

What Perth spot claimed the prestigious Mayfair spot? More importantly, would the Monopoly guy himself, Rich Uncle Pennybags (yes, that's original his name), be there?

It's not often I get to go along to media events like this, and I must say it was really fun. I showed up bright and early (I'm a freelance writer, 10am is early ok?) at the amazing Fremantle Prison. Despite living in Perth for my entire 28 years I'd never checked out this amazing place before. Of course, the second I walk through the gates my geek brains thinks of Shawshank Redemption and the Walking Dead. I wanted to run around with a camera and film a movie. Needless to say a tour of the prison is on my to-do list now.

The media folk were led inside to one of the cellblocks set aside for the launch. The red carpet was literally rolled out and the room was adorned with various Monopoly iconography. Sadly I resisted the urge to run off with the giant silver car playing piece.

After all the media jockeyed for position with their cameras Reid Herbert from manufacturer Winning Moves took the podium. He welcomed us to the launch and then introduced a special guest. That's right, coming down the aisle himself was game mascot, Mr Monopoly. I do hope my very audible squee wasn't heard by everyone. Invite Capey to one media event and he spends the whole thing fanboying. Also on hand was the only Australian Monopoly World Champion in history, Greg Jacobs and the mayor of Fremantle, Brad Pettitt.

With the key players in place it was time to unveil the board. A guard in full costume opened one of the prison cells (even had a ring of old timey keys, so great) and retrieved a giant version of the board. The mayor proceeded to unroll it for us to see as the Perth Landmarks chosen for the properties was revealed. Rather than go for streets like traditional monopoly, the Perth version has used prominent Landmarks. Coming in at the most expensive Mayfair spot was King's Park with Fremantle Markets in the second blue space.

Light blue went to the Swan River, the Bell Tower and Fremantle Prison. As per Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi request the brown properties went to Council House and Town Hall. Yellow went to the beaches with Cottesloe, Scarborough and Rottnest Island, while Pink went sporting with the WACA, Paterson's Stadium and Perth Arena. Orange is recreational with Hillary's Boat Harbour, Scitech and Adventure World. Red was for shopping as ENEX100, Carillon City and Karrinyup made the board. Rounding it out was UWA, Crown Perth and Perth Zoo in green.

After some more words from the Freo Mayor and the Monopoly champ we were told the media would get a copy each to take home (yesssss) and we can snap some photos with the guests, including Mr Monopoly (YESSSSSSSS). I kept my calm demeanor as I grabbed my game and waited patiently to grab a photo with the beloved mascot. Finally my time came and I jumped in! Huzzah!

All in all is was a fun morning and it's great to see this kind of thing in my fair city. I'll very proudly keep the Perth Monopoly amongst my tabletop collection.

The game will be in stores on November 1st, but if you can't wait that long my very good friends at Enjoy Perth have a few copies to give away. Head on over to their site and sign up for the newsletter for a chance to win.

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