Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DC Comics New 52 - Stryder's Weekly Top 5

Hi everybody!  Another October has come and gone and Winter is (at least here in Canada) oh-most-DEFINITELY coming!  But before busting out our parkas and toques again, let's take a look at the last few comics released in October...specifically on October 30, 2013:

NEW! Damian : Son of Batman #1 (of 4) - "Death had embraced me yet again."

This week, artist extraordinaire Andy Kubert brings us this "possible future" story of Damian Wayne, son of Batman.  While Damian is dead in current continuity, there have been some pretty strong hints that there will be a resurrection in his future.  This book shows him alive and well as a teenager/young adult, working with Batman "some years from now".
Of course, despite being branded "The New 52!" right on the cover, this book is very clearly set in the pre-Flashpoint DCU.  Costumes, events and characters within all resemble their older universe counterparts far more than any New 52 version.  Not only that, but the only events referenced are from 2006's Batman and Son (also drawn by Kubert, written of course by Damian creator Grant Morrison).

So is the book good?  I love the artwork and am into the plot so far!  Some of the dialogue is a little off, but hey it's only Andy Kubert's second comic as a writer as well as an artist.  I can forgive some awkward lines!  So yeah I like the comic and recommend it to Damian fans, with the caveat that if you are only familiar with the New 52, you're bound to be a little lost.  That's ok.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

OK I almost shouldn't include that one as it's only nominally "New 52" but we'll look at some titles that most definitely ARE in continuity...right after the JUMP!

Action Comics Annual #2 - "Krypton.  In the name of Rao, it's Krypton."

No hiding what the newest Super-Crossover is all about...it's right in the title!  "Krypton Returns"
Superman, Supergirl and Superboy have all been plucked away from whatever they happened to be doing and deposited in space by the mysterious cosmic being known as the Oracle...More specifically, they've been taken to Krypton's solar system where they find their home planet alive and well!  How can this be? 

Thanks to the Oracle, our heroes soon learn that this seeming impossibility is thanks to the time manipulation of the strange being called H'El!  (You may recall the "Family of Steel" fought H'El for the fate of the Earth back in the last Super-crossover, "H'El on Earth"). 

Unfortunately, Krypton is NOT exactly like Kara remembers....AND it's reappearance is causing "Temporal Tsunamis" that have already eradicated entire star systems!  This certainly bodes ill!  Also...it sounds like it just may be a job for, uh...you know who!

Green Lantern Annual #2 - "Lanterns, if there was ever a time to shine--it's now!"

The grand finale of "Light's Out" arrives and nothing will ever be the same for the Lantern Corps of any colour!  Relic, a strange scientist from a previous reality, is trying to pierce the wall that encases our Universe and recharge the source of the emotional spectrum before it is depleted and our Universe dies!  However, the Source Wall (as it is known) has never been breached!  Relic doesn't care...he's willing to do anything to save the universe, even if it means destroying everyone who wields the light of an emotional spectrum, or even the Entities themselves!

Of course, that's a lot of trouble for any one being to call down, regardless of how big or ancient or scientific he might be...

Beyond the big-picture, there are a lot of small but shocking character moments in this comic (I'm looking at YOU Carol Ferris)!  It really is going to be a different universe going forward...and I'm certainly curious to see how it all plays out!

Nightwing Annual #2 - "Hey don't look at me.  She's the good cop."

In Nightwing's first Annual (obviously set before the events of "Forever Evil") we get to see him go into action along with his first love, Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl!  Of course Barbara is not Batgirl right at the moment, due to the events of her ongoing title, but whatever...

Anyway, Dick Grayson's back in Gotham to pack up his loft before heading back to Chicago.  Barbara's helping him out when what should appear through the window but the Bat-SignalBatman is apparently out-of-town so it's up to Nightwing and "generic female vigilante who's definitely NOT Batgirl" to investigate!  On the way, they learn a valuable lesson about life, love and obsession and they also get shot at with a flamethrower quite a bit.  So yeah, good day!

Aquaman Annual #1 - "Well that was different."

The Others are back for Aquaman's first Annual!  You remember Arthur's team-that's-not-the-League?  Each wielding an ancient Atlantian artifact and both willing and able to help Aquaman defend the seven seas from all who would do harm?  Yeah...THOSE Others!

So the member of the Others known as the Operative comes under attack on his secret island airstrip by a gaggle of mutated, enslaved sea creatures!  Aquaman senses the creatures and races to assist, but before he and the Operative can begin to battle these grotesque monsters of the deep, a flock of flying monkeys flies overhead to infiltrate the Operatives' airplane/headquarters!  Seems the TRUE target is an Atlantian helmet which allows the wearer to live indefinitely without food, water or even air to breathe!

Well, Aquaman summons the rest of the team and the chase is afoot!  Who stole the artifact and why?  Read the book!

All right and that's my 5 for today!  (Well, 4 1/2 - I still don't know that Damian counts even if "New 52" is on the cover).  I would be remiss, however, if I didn't mention one more excelllent comic book released this week.  Under the Vertigo label we recieve issue #1 of THE SANDMAN OVERTURE by Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III

I dunno about you but any new comic by Neil Gaiman is exciting...particularly if it's involving The Sandman!!  Right?  RIGHT!

Don't forget that tomorrow is another New Comic Book Day!  With new issues of Action Comics, Batman/Superman, Forever Evil, Green Arrow, Superman Unchained and many more!

Oh, you'll definitely want to check out Stryder's Dementia this week.  I'm pictured several times in a full Superman costume.  Do you really need another reason? Fine...Supergirl is there too!

ANND once again that's it for me!  Have a great week!  Peace!

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