Monday, November 4, 2013

Horse-vengers 2013

Owww-eee, it's Melbourne Cup time again! On the first Tuesday in November the nation stops for several minutes to watch 24 horsies gallop around a track. It's the day that people who don't normally bet will have a little bit of a flutter. But who to pick? Why, your favourite Avenger, of course!

If you checked out my Horse-vengers post last year, you will have seen that 'Hawkeye' came in second. Unfortunately, I decided to not include Loki last year, and the horse I'd otherwise planned to assign to the God of Mischief ended up winning. Looookkkiiiiiiiii! *shakes fist* I have not made that same mistake this year. Join me under the cut to check out Earth's Mightiest Horseflesh.

6. Fiorente - Hawkeye
The Hawk-horse returns for another shot at the title. He came second last year as I previously mentioned, and he's had a great run leading up to the Cup. He is also the current favourite to win. Go HawkHorse!
Odds (approx): 7/1

13. Super Cool - Captain America
Okay, I need to apologise off the bat here. When I first saw a picture of these silks I did not see the green AT ALL. It was red, white and blue! There were stars! Of course it's Captain America! Unfortunately it's a little more Captain Italy, but I've already put my bets on so I can't change much now!
Odds (approx) 34/1

14. Masked Marvel - Iron Man
The one character that didn't have a standout option for me was Iron Man, so he got the Marvel horse. Masked Marvel doesn't have a great shot at the crown, so like Tony Stark he will probably just wait in the gates drinking martinis while the other horses do their thing.
Odds (approx) 34/1

15. Mount Athos - Thor
For the silver of Mjolnir, and the stars of the galaxy, we have Mount Athos as Thor-horse. Mount Athos is another returner this year (though he wasn't the Thor-horse last year), and he is a pretty mighty chance! Rejoice if you end up with him in the office sweep!
Odds (approx) 10/1

17. Voleuse De Coeurs - Black Widow
We're going name instead of colours for Widow this year, and how could I go past one of the only mares in the race whose name translates into 'Thief of Hearts'? The silks are uuuuuugly, but that name is pretty perfect for our badass superspy.
Odds (approx) 18/1

21. Verema - The Hulk
Big and green with a big red chip on his shoulder? Hulk all the way. It's so green that the horse, trainer AND jockey are Irish. Fiddle dee dee HULK SMASH.
Odds (approx) 15/1

7. Foreteller - Loki
Bonus villain! How could I go past a horsie called Foreteller in the classic Loki Marvel colours? I couldn't, of course. Brilliant.

I'm just going to put it out there in case it bites me in the butt like last year, but if I was to choose one other addition, it would be Nick Fury - Brown Panther. Kind of says it all, huh?

I have put a quinella bet on all these guys, and will be escaping to Cancun for the rest of my days if it comes in. I also put on a mystery bet which came back with Thor & Loki, and if that's not some kind of sign I'm not sure what is.

Enjoy your Melbourne Cup Day guys! Let us know if you put any bets on that come through!


  1. I've just done my once a year punt - and before I read this, selected Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow *and* the Hulk. The kids will be impressed! (The kids have Hawkeye and Nick Fury as their sweep selections, too... I will have to show them this tonight - if we win.)

  2. A good result for the Horse-vengers! Hawkeye first and Thor third!