Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New York Toy Fair 2014 Photo Recap

I had the opportunity to take a pretty quick stroll through New York Toy Fair, gazing at all of the amazing new toys and games for 2014. Hasbro was in a secret offsite location and Lego was walled off with tons of security, so you won't see much from them here. But KidRobot was wide open! Same with Funko, Fantasy Flight and many others.

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This was as close as I could get to Lego.
But they had these awesome new Kenner-inspired Mini Rigs setup along the outside. 


Krosmaster Junior was on display. This was the very first announcement of the new version, geared towards kids with 10 missions for each character. It felt like an extension of their wonderful video-game style tutorial approach from Krosmaster: Arena. I cannot wait for this. For my kids.. of course.

A super fun new micro game by Seiji Kanai (Love Letter). 

Funko is going full force with their ReAction line. 


Neca's Simpsons Greatest Guest Stars series.

By now I was getting woozy from all of the plastic.

Team Fortress 2 Blind Box!

KidRobot's new TMNT series.

Upcoming designs for KidRobot DC.

And what is bound to be my favorite KidRobot series yet... Megaman

Fantasy Flight had all of the new X-Wing ships on display.

...along with Series 4, just announced last week.

I got my grubby hands on the deluxe Ticket to Ride components.

Another game that I am really excited for,  Marvel Dicemasters by Wizkids.

It's similar to Quarriors, but taking a more mass market approach with 99 cent boosters with 2 dice and 2 cards. NINETY NINE CENTS!!

More Funko ReActions. Great licenses like Goonies, Pulp Fiction, Back To The Future, Nightmare Before Christmas, etc...

An amazing articulated Mario figure by S.H. Figuarts. This looked and felt perfect.

Toy Fair is interesting. It's mostly business... lots of suits, and companies trying to woo you to carry their products. You are either a Seller (running a booth) or a Buyer (walking around) or Press (taking photos).

But it's not all business. There is a ton of fun there too. Just take a walk down the aisle where the yoyo and sports-based companies are setup. I was dodging strings and balls and all kinds of flying objects.

Definitely going back next year, and definitely getting into that Lego fortress.

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