Wednesday, November 5, 2014

StarWTF!? Episode 3: The Ice Cream Maker Guy

You know, the guy in The Empire Strikes Back that runs by with the ice cream maker in his hand? Of course you do! They made an action figure of him! 

Well if not, we recorded an entire episode of StarWTF!? about him. His name is Willrow Hood and he carries an ice cream maker.

Download Episode 3 - Ice Cream Maker Guy

We have so many questions. Who is Willrow Hood? What is he carrying? Did he survive?

Willrow Hood was a Human male miner who lived and worked on Cloud City, a floating station located above the gas giant Bespin. He worked for A'roFilter, a mining company sympathetic to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, as the head of the department responsible for dealing with the Rebel Alliance, supplying discounted Tibanna gas. (more at

Look for him at the 12 second mark of this 16 second clip.

Bonus: This week's StarWTF?! Game Show has special guests Rodian treasure hunter Suz Tanwa and Major Lariss also known as "Major Nose" trying to define the random Star Wars Wookieepedia article of the week.

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