Wednesday, November 19, 2014

StarWTF!? Episode 5: IG-88

In this episode, we discuss the ever-stable & always awesome bounty hunter IG-88. It's an assassin droid with seconds of screen time, but pages and pages of Expanded Universe backstory. And that story is intense.  

We also learn what "IG" stands for (it's not exciting at all) and how creative they were in naming all 4 IG's as well as IG-88's aptly named ship, the IG-2000. It's a longer episode than normal, but well worth the length.

Download Episode 5 - IG-88

And while we're at it, let's take a quick look at the many toy variations of IG-88. 

1980 Kenner Figure

Star Wars: Unleashed

Gentle Giant Mini-Bust


Mini Muggs 
Lego 10188 & 10221

Bonus: This week's StarWTF?! Game Show has the gang member Mors Demanna trying so hard to guess what Erep is.

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