Wednesday, December 17, 2014

StarWTF!? Episode 9: Dejarik (a/k/a Holochess)

Today we look back at Dejarik, the game that you probably know as "Holochess". It's the chess-like game that Chewbacca and R2-D2 play in the Millennium Falcon. The Dejarik table is a Star Wars icon (even teased by JJ Abrams during episode 7 shooting), but is the game itself any good? And more importantly, if you were playing, would you let the Wookiee win?

Download Episode 9 - Dejarik
Dejarik was a popular holographic game that was played throughout the galaxy. When activated, the game would project holographic playing pieces that resembled dangerous-looking species from throughout the galaxy. The players can move their pieces to attack one another and said pieces will behave like living beings when in battle.

Lots more info at Wookieepedia:

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