Wednesday, January 14, 2015

StarWTF!? Episode 13: R5-D4

Today we are discussing Luke's original choice of astromech droids... R5-D4! If it didn't have a bad motivator, Leia's message may have never been delivered and the entire original trilogy may not have even happened. Thank the maker for bad motivators.

There's a lot to discuss here because there is a bonkers backstory for R5-D4. It's up there with IG-88's. I think the Expanded Universe writers love their droids.

Download Episode 13 - R5-D4
R5-D4, Arfive-Deefour, or Red as Luke Skywalker called him, was a white and red striped R5-series astromech droid on Tatooine.

Stick around until the end for the StarWTF!? Game Show where we find the ABSOLUTE WORST city name in the entire galaxy.

Thanks everyone! See you next week.

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