Wednesday, February 11, 2015

StarWTF!? Episode 17: Grand Moff Tarkin

Today we discuss and tribute one of the coolest, and evilest characters in the Star Wars saga, Grand Moff Tarkin... WHO HAS A FIRST NAME NOW!?!? Did you know he is called Wilhuff? This is just bonkers. Are you going to next tell me that Palpatine has a first name, and it's Sheev? :)

We love Tarkin here and we talk for quite a bit about him, his cheekbones, and his quotable lines.

Download Episode 17 - Grand Moff Tarkin
Wilhuff Tarkin was a Human male who was one of the most powerful individuals in the Galactic Empire, a Grand Moff who shaped Imperial doctrine and was the driving force behind the creation of its key embodiment, the Death Star.

Young Tarkin. Serious Cheekbones.

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