Monday, February 16, 2015

StarWTF!? Special Episode: Marvel Star Wars #2

It's February... and you know what that means? Marvel Star Wars is back with a new issue! This snuck out without the fanfare of the first issue, but it holds up very well. The story is action packed and while there aren't as many secret reveals as the first issue, there are some things that are definitely worth noting as we get closer and closer to The Force Awakens.

Download Special Episode: Marvel Star Wars #2

We also noticed that we didn't mention the cover during the episode, but it's interesting. It's a lot jokier in tone than the issue (although there are a few jokes), but the big difference is that Chewbacca is MIA in this issue! By the looks of it, him and Han would be getting into some adventures, but Chewie does not make an appearance. Where is he? Hopefully we find out in issue 3.

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