Friday, December 18, 2015

StarWTF!? Episode 52: PZ-4CO (and The Force Awakens!)

We decided to do a very speculative episode on a Force Awakens character that we really know nothing about. Based off of an action figure, we chose PZ-4CO, a Resistance Base Control Room Droid, who is as blue as it gets and has a very cool, yet kind of funky-looking action figure.

The first half of this episode consists of our pre-The Force Awakens speculation and the second is our post-The Force Awakens realizations (and a SPOILER HEAVY brief discussion of the film).  So if you've seen the film, listen away! If you haven't, we tell you when to stop (around 16 minutes and 30 seconds).

So what's up with PZ-4CO? Will this droid be important? Force sensitive? Save the world?

Download Episode 52 - PZ-43O

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