Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movember Day One: Mr. Tom Selleck

Hopefully you are aware of Movember, the month where men all over Australia - and around the world - grow fine, stylish, soup-strainer moustaches to raise awareness and money for important men's health issues. You can check out the official site here and begin the exciting process of cultivating your own facial 'fro. Guys respect it, women love it, and soup sticks to it, so seriously guys, you have nothing to lose. Women can also get in on the action by shaving or trimming moustache shapes onto their own bodies. Be creative! Because that's what Movember is all about.

Here on Fruitless Pursuits, we'll do our own part to raise awareness by showcasing a fabulous moustache every single day of Movember. And who better to kick off the month than the dapper Mr. Tom Selleck, a man known for his charisma, charm, and the fine pelt of lip-hugging fur that bridges his chops. We've seen him with two other men and a baby. We've even seen him with a little lady. And now thanks to the genius Tumblr Selleck Waterfall Sandwich you can see many pictures of him standing near a waterfall. And a sandwich...

Now Tom Selleck didn't invent the moustache, or the waterfall, or the sandwich for that matter. But he sure made them popular! Join me after the jump for another couple of choice cuts from this eye-wateringly beautiful site!

Make sure you go to the source for more images! And let us know how that moustache is growing!

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