Friday, November 4, 2011

Paranoid Android Lettuce remix

Radiohead fans are always ahead of the music curve

In case you needed reminding of the song and I just really like this videoclip


  1. It's hard for me to pick my favorite Radiohead song (1st three albums only - forget the rest), but this is one might be it. The contrast of the soaring mellow middle against the crazy guitar noise solos is so wonderful.

    And the lettuce video... wow. That's some serious commitment. I'm sure it turned to mush within a few hours.

  2. which is kind of hilariously poetic.

    I have a lot of love Kid A. It has super sharp teeth with it's gritty dark sound

    oh here's a great vid on Ok Computer

  3. Let me try that again vid

    if it doesn't work copy and paste this

  4. That video is pretty awesome. I haven't given Kid A or anything else since OK Computer enough of a chance, which is odd considering they're one of my top 3 bands ever. But I really prefer the early stuff.

    I like that it was more guitar driven (3 guitars was pretty rare outside of Iron Maiden). Also, the digital/analog weirdness and wonderful pop song balance hit the absolute peak of all peaks for me at OK Computer.