Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lego Minifigures Series 6 Is Out! Photos & Bar Code / Bump Code Decoder!

I was on a Skylanders hunt tonight (a whole other story) and just happened to come across the new Lego Minifigures Series 6 at my local Toys R Us. I've been eagerly awaiting these ever since we saw the first leaked images.. so I grabbed the last 6 packs.  

After opening up the first two I knew this series was something special. Click through the jump for images of the ones that I opened (no doubles!), as well as the secret decoder for all of Series 6.

I managed to score the Statue of Liberty (which I think is an awesome concept, although I still hate the "dress" piece) and also the Classic Alien. I really want the Wind Up Robot and Teddy Bear Kid.

And I either overlooked it, or just never knew that it existed, but the Surgeon's x-ray is so cool. The Surgeon was not even close to a favorite before, but now that I have it, I love it. 

And thanks to Better Than Tomorrow and the unknown UK collector who shared it with him... here are the bar codes for Series 6! Good luck!

Classic Alien

Highland Battler
Lady Liberty

Flamenco Dancer
Clockwork Robot
Roman Soldier
Skater Girl

Intergalactic Girl


  1. I grabbed a couple of packets a week or so ago. I got the skater girl and was mortified, but the mechanic and mullet warrior I also got made up for it. There's a bunch of those that I TOTALLY want.

  2. A week or so ago!? Where are these?! What's going on!?

  3. Okay! I picked up six of these after work.

    I got: Mullet Warrior, Lady Liberty, Skater Girl, Classic Alien, Cowboy Outlaw, and... a double of Lady Liberty.

    So Jacinta we should totally be swappin' in the future, yo!

  4. I think I got them from Big W, maybe last Friday. I have a few of the figs across three series, but I have NEVER HAD A DOUBLE. I think it's some kind of superpower. But I'd certainly take that Lady Liberty off your hands.

  5. I've been pretty lucky, but I've had my fair share of doubles. I don't mind, especially if they're an army builder type of figure. I also intentionally bought 4 of the mimes from a few series back.

  6. Replies
    1. I can now add a Leprechaun, Flamenco Dancer, Surgeon and Minotaur to my own haul. I have doubles of Flamenco and Mullet Warrior now too.

      Still no genie :(

  7. I just spent about 20 minutes feeling up all of the packs and I was able to get the genie, robot and leprechaun. Has anyone been able to get the teddy bear kid yet?

  8. My dots weren't the same as yours :( I have a minotaur and a galactic girl and one was the same as galactic girl but the other was 1 dot on each side. I don't know which package was which though because my son mixed up the packages.

  9. I have the teddy bear boy, but I got doubles of the surgeon and the minotaur. :(

  10. Hi guys,
    I am after the Lady Liberty for my daughter collection. Will swap a Minotaur or other.
    Please email if you are interested in swapping.
    Have other doubles from previous Series.

  11. I got a double Galaxy Patrol from Series Seven!