Friday, January 6, 2012

Mini Star Wars License Plates, Yo!

Check out these RADD (Rodians Against Drunk Driving) Star Wars miniature magnetic license plates! You can buy them at Target and put them on your mini car, bike, or even your droids.

A few of the packages were opened by some local kids who passed on gems like "DBL BLDED".

This led me to look it up and see what was possibly better than "DBL BLDED".

If you're curious, click through the jump to see an image of all of them. And when you're done, let us know... if you were to get a custom Star Wars license plate, what would you get? Would it be as cool as Mace Windu's "PRTYS OVR", or a stretch like Boba Fetts DSNGRTNS?

Here's the full image from


  1. I'd get a picture of white dress Leia that said BRALESS.

  2. I'd get a picture of Jango Fett that said HEADLESS.

  3. Aw, poor Qui-Gon got the lamest one. Qui-Gon always gets ripped off. :(

    'Tripped' is hilarous.

  4. Apparently they are great fridge magnets. Shit I need that ITSATRAP one.

  5. I can't believe I didn't take the chance and buy one. I will make sure to pick one up today. I want NOEWOKS so bad (although I love the Ewoks).

  6. I just need the "LEGEND" plate and I am done with the set. Anyone out there to sell me one?

    1. Yes I have the Legend one. I paid $2.99 If you are interested e-mail me at I also have other ones.