Friday, February 17, 2012

Video Featurette on Darth Maul's Clone Wars Return!

Yeah, he got cut in half, but thanks to *insert unfeasible explanation later* Darth Maul got better! He's going to be back on the Clone Wars next month and apparently will be getting all emo about the dapper man that halved him - Obi Wan Kenobi!

MTV Geek (and if you read their article you'll quickly realise that I should have said: ZOMG MTV GEEEK!!!!!>!!<$$@551111") have posted a new behind-the-scenes video and have also announced the news (that was leaked months ago) that the Force Unleashed and the Bastard-American Being Human's Sam Witwer (no relation to the Transformers' pal Sam Witwicky) will being playing the role.

Darth Maul was originally voiced by refined English gentleman and comedian Peter Serafinowicz who has been usurped by an American because his surname was too hard to spell. Or, if you read MTV Geek's article perhaps I should have said, "ZOMG! DREAMY HUNK SAM WITWER CAN TOTES PUT HIS LIGHTSABER IN MY PANTS". Seriously. Go and read that article.

Anyway, the good news is that Sam Witwer gives 100% commitment to everything he does. Even that time Bumblebee was crying because Sam had to go to college. Check it out, it's a great clip:

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And note that we still haven't gotten a glimpse of Darth Maul's mysterious bottom half. So my squeaky mop bucket theory is still yet to be disproved. SQUEAK. SQUEAK. SQUEAK.

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