Monday, February 13, 2012

Kickstart the Week: Farmageddon - The Frenetic Farming Game by Phillip Kilcrease

I mentioned getting to play a pre-release session of Farmageddon last week, but we never gave it the proper Kickstart The Week feature. It's the little card game by 5th Street Games and designer Grant Rodiek that has tearing up the Kickstarter charts in the past few weeks. It's at 182% funding with 20 days to go. So what is it all about?

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Farmageddon is a farming/planting game where players must fight over the 3 planting fields to grow crops and eventually earn money to win the game. It plays well with other gamers, as well as the whole family, as the game is presented in a very light, fun way.

Here's what some people are saying about it:

"Farmadeggon falls somewhere between “brilliant” and “awesome” on my game scale." - Father Geek
"I know a lot of people love the artwork in Bohnanza but Farmageddon completely blows it out of the water." ... "So what do I think of the game? In short, I love it." - Jim Jammiest 
"But all in all I enjoyed every second of it and I would play this over Bohnanza anytime - yes, I am a sucker for theme." Ben,
"Overall, Farmageddon is a highly enjoyable and versatile game; I have used it on nights where I just want a fun, light-hearted affair in addition to breaking it out as a gateway game for the non-gamers in my family." - Games & Grub
You can get a copy of the game for just $12 (US shipping included). For double the price you'll get 2 copies, and for $42 you'll receive Farmageddon and 5th Street Games two previous releases, Castle Dash and Crow & The Pitcher. And at $75 you can get a signed numbered copy of the game with a signed limited print by the artist, Brett Bean.

The goal was $5,000 and it has almost been doubled. By now there are almost 500 backers and the support has been going very strong. Looking forward to seeing where this will go over the next few weeks. The Kickstarter campaign ends on March 4th,

Check out Farmageddon - The frenetic farming game on Kickstarter!

..and just a quick update on our previously featured Kickstart the Week projects.

The board game For The Win ended successfully at 207% funded with $31,805 in pledges.
The comic collection, Oceanverse, is currently at 234% funded with $6,460 in pledges, and 2 days left to go.

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