Friday, March 16, 2012

Counterpoint: Ric Flair was the Worst

While Tom makes a good case for Ric Flair's legend status in his post yesterday, I submit the above video as evidence that Ric Flair was, in fact, the worst. While we can look back at our childhoods and wonder why we were ever dumb enough to think that, say, the Undertaker was actually being controlled by a fat dude with an urn, I watch the video above of Ric Flair auditioning for World Cup-level soccer and wonder why I ever believed wrestling was truly real to begin with.

A bad flop here and there is fine - these guys perform at a high physical level on a regular basis. But Ric Flair actively made this part of his act. This is bad on so many levels, and really a poke in the eye of the guys who went out there and took their roles in the wrestling world seriously even though they were playing over-the-top characters in completely unrealistic situations.

It's stunning to me that the WWF/E and WCW never reined this in. Of course, Flair may have been too big a personality to be held back, but, really? This is the worst.

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  1. Hahaha... so his special move was to over-dramatically fall down? That's really funny. Funny in a way that people believed it was real, and the commentators sound so surprised each time. So silly. He's like the Charlie Chaplin of WWF.