Friday, March 16, 2012

Vote For O.M.F.G. Figures Series 2!

I've already talked at length about October Toy's brilliant O.M.F.G. figures, a tribute to the bizarre flesh-coloured mini-mutant M.U.S.C.L.E figures of the eighties. After a successful Kickstarter project, series one brought us memorable characters like The Phantom Shithouse and the Crawdad Kid. Well, the good news is that now the good folks at October have compiled over 400 design submissions for a second series and you get to vote for which ones you think should be included.

All the action is happening on the October Toys Forum in the voting thread here, and this link where you can see all of the submissions (VERY image heavy).

But now I have to make this all about me, right? So here are the five that I am voting for, starting with...

To see my remaining four choices, join me after the jump!

One of my favourite original M.U.S.C.L.E characters was the baby, so I can't ignore this incredibly accomplished cyber baby design...

I can't even explain why the next one works for me. I just wish his bulge was even more awkward...

There was another one similar to this that I nearly went with instead, but this one is so brooding that I couldn't resist, and I love who it's shown alongside an existing figure.

And finally there was a distinct lack of female figures. But I like the design of this one and would like to see it actually sculpted...

Make sure you go and vote too! This is a great project that I'd love to see continue to be supported. I want to submit a design to series three!


  1. You know, kickstarter might not be a bad call to try a to revisit kockBLOCKerz, ya think?

    1. YES.

      I've been thinking the same thing for about a year now. If you do anything, I would definitely offer to help. :)

    2. Certainly something to think about! My own self-doubt just wonders if some of that stuff would still hold up today, especially in light of other products. I wonder if it was a bit unique/edgy then but not so much now?

  2. Like mapping any territory, edges can always be re-defined, no?

    I wouldn't suggest an 'As-is' approach, certainly, but it is something to consider. Hell I don't even know if the molds are still intact.

    1. I think it'd definitely would be worth the two of you having a serious conversation over it and what could be done to make it current/relevant again. Gut instinct is with J as YES, but then some thought to it I think you both have grown a bit since this was originally brought to the table, but I think with some serious thought and some modification, this could certainly be a thing (and a lot more viable than folks going "I'll def buy it!" now with Kickstarter)